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Art and Nature Trail, Stuwa

Sundgau, in southern Alsace, is a rural area bordering Switzerland, Germany and Franche-Comté. It is characterized by its hilly landscape featuring forests, lakes, fields and villages. With a very strong and specific local identity, embodied in its language, cuisine, architectural and natural heritage, Sundgau has long made its wonderful nature the theme of its cultural and tourist activities.

By creating Stuwa, a contemporary art trail in its villages, the Sundgau area is renewing its reflection on the landscape, ecology, public space and local life by tapping into its history in order to look to the future creatively.

The Stuwa was the living room in a traditional Sundgauvian house. It is in this place of gathering and exchange that the language, tales, history and cooking, in short the culture of the territory, was forged and shared. The Sundgau Art and Nature Trail, which has appropriated this name, aims to generalize exchanges between locals and visitors. The artworks along the trail thus become collective Stuwas that reflect the cultural and geographical richness of the territory. Each artwork contributes to the renewal of our view of the environment, nature and the power of local identity through the sensitive and original interpretation of Sundgauvian territory by visiting artists.

Affiche Stuwa 2016
Affiche Stuwa 2016

A first edition was held in 2015 with the installation of seven works of art in 7 municipalities in the Sundgau area. The 2016 edition has added 7 new artworks as well as two other artworks by guest artists. A total of 16 contemporary artworks on Sundgau territory. These artworks came from a selection of local and national artists presented by the exhibition curator of the COAL association for art and sustainable development.

Animations are offered throughout the summer of 2018.

Further information at www.stuwa.fr