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Guide for memorial tourism in the Sundgau and Porrentruy areas
Price: 5€
Format: 21x 30 cm / 68 pages
Authors: André DUBAIL and Hervé DE WECK
With the approach of the commemoration of the centenary of the Great War and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of France, it seemed appropriate to publish a tourist brochure that presents, explains and contextualises the rich and varied vestiges of the past three wars in the Sundgau and Porrentruy areas.
Each of the three parts begins with the general historical context followed by local events and, finally, it offers themed discovery routes, decorated with maps and illustrations. Specific articles that are short and precise give explanations of important topics such as the marking of the French-German border in 1871 and the Vauthier markers. The brochure also includes walking tours, museums and the major places of commemoration: war memorials and cemeteries.
In short, nearly 150 years of the history of the Sundgau and Porrentru districts have been condensed and explained in only 70 pages. Available in German.
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