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Christmas in the Sundgau

Christmas showcase
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Christmas in the Sundgau area is above all the Enchanted Forest in Altkirch, a magic forest populated by characters from Sundgau fairy tales and legends who bring to life all the inner life of our little area for 5 weeks.

Christmas in the Sundgau area also involves many other events  such as the fair and the St Nicolas processions that traditionally open the Christmas festivities. There are also many small Christmas markets, shows, concerts and exhibitions, all of which contribute to the unique and authentic atmosphere of Christmas in Alsace.

The torchlit New Year's Eve winds up the year in style, in an original manner outdoors on the outskirts of the county town of Ferrette.

Finally, the Sundgau region is part of the Pays des Chants et des Etoffes, an area of South Alsace which each year proposes a fabric to decorate the Christmas Markets and Monuments. This exclusive fabric is locally printed and is complemented by derivative products on sale in the Sundgau Tourist Information Centres.