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Sundgau Cycling Paradise


The Sundgau area, Cycling Paradise
cliquez pour agrandir l'image The Sundgau area, Cycling Paradise

In the far south of Alsace, close to Switzerland and Germany, the Sundgau invites you to stay in the heart of a protected natural environment, to rediscover the true values of the soil and thus regain strength through a return to the source of things...

We suggest you see this land of tales and legends by bike, a gentle and invigorating experience. The Sundgau will then introduce you to its ponds and rivers, green hills, typical Alsatian villages and unmissable gastronomy.

Discover the hidden treasures of this place of relaxation, entertainment and leisure. Simply take the time, by bicycle, at your own pace, according to your own wishes and your own desires... everyone will find his or her pleasure, from the most modest to the most daring, among the 300 km of circuits that are available.

You can mount the valley by water to the source of the land, in the heart of the Alsatian Jura, which vibrates with the life of man and earth. This mountain land between lakes and caves, between castles and churches, bears witness to a turbulent but prestigious past that we invite you to discover throughout your stay.

The bike over water
The bike over water

The Sundgau area is also crossed by Eurovélo 6, a 2400 km cycle route linking Nantes to Budapest, the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Most of the route takes greenways separated from traffic, the rest follows roads with cycling facilities or little traffic.

You will enjoy walking along the canal from lock to lock, between the sky and the water, in the open horizon of the benign Sundgau. Okay, you're not in a boat, you're cycling, but you must admit that the illusion is almost perfect! After crossing villages, orchards and valleys, you join the tranquil family of barges, anglers, reeds and dreamy alders?

So, wash houses, typical Sundgau-area half-timbered houses, a well, rural crosses, border markers, Wilhelmine architecture... are all elements recalling the ancient and troubled history of the Sundgau region from which sprung illustrious men like the famous painter Jean-Jacques Henner, born in Bernwiller.

Sundgau, southern Alsace, Cycling Paradise is primarily a set of routes where fun and discovery come together. We have marked almost 300 km of discovery tours to allow you to serenely encounter one of the most beautiful regions of Alsace, authentic, mysterious and untouched by mass tourism.

Sundgau farm
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Sundgau farm

For further information:
Sundgau, South Alsace Tourist Information Centre
Altkirch Tourist Information Centre
Tel: 03 89 40 02 90