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The Fried Carp Route

Sundgau ponds

Delights of fried carp, gourmet adventures in the land of rivers and ponds Attractive and relaxing, Sundgau is also greedy. Discovering it is inconceivable without sampling its authentic cuisine made from the finest local produce. Eager to promote local traditions, thirty Sundgau restaurant owners with their traditional know-how, formed the "Sundgau Fried Carp Route" Association The Fried Carp Route is a Remarkable Site of Taste (the same label as the famous Alsatian Wine Route), a label given by the Conseil National des Arts Culinaires.

A signposted circuit has been installed in the Sundgau area.

For further information:
''Sundgau, Routes de la Carpe Frite'' Association
Tel : 03 89 08 36 03

Ouverture restaurants
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