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Cultural events

The Echanted Forest Altkirch
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December and January

The Enchanted Forest

Christmas in Altkirch is something different. It primarily means free access by the general public to an imaginary space offered as a contrast to standard consumerism, the real issue being rooted in the arts and popular traditions and artistic authenticity.
Discover 26 tales and a hundred characters from the bowels of the Sundgau, from distant lands and long-forgotten centuries. Fairies, elves, gnomes, dragons, mischievous goblins and peaceful witches fill the streets, courtyards, squares and porches adorned with halos of magic lights. Dreamers, poets or those curious about other universes cannot fail to be filled with joy by this invitation during the Christmas period.

The Echanted Forest of Altkirch
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Taken at random: an old door, in the gardens of the church or the museum, at the corner of an alley or a fountain, around recreated ponds... magical ambiance and an atmosphere of darkness.
A trail through an illuminated town: a natural medieval setting.
Over 150 characters and twenty tales illustrated and brought to life. Audio terminals will allow you to listen to live stories and legends in French and German.
Several events are free for all: concerts, strolling storytelling, guided tours, treasure hunts, fabric workshops, fabrics shop, snow garden and "wonder" market, toboggan run and introduction to skiing, skating rink amid fir trees, Firefly Cave, etc.Organized by the town of Altkirch Tel : 03 89 08 36 03

The Firefly Cave
The Firefly Cave

December and January

The Firefly Cave in

Year after year, the Firefly Cave in Altkirch transforms and gives life to an animated show, with lighting effects, music and characters on the theme of storytelling and imagination.
The 2009 version featured a town whose name is "Trauimderfle", the village of dreams, with its "fairy room", a large model train, landscapes and equally enchanting scenery where you encounter elves, gnomes, dolls, toys, angels, and so on.
Opening the festivities: a gigantic show called "Village of Angels" with actors, singers, jugglers, etc, transports us into the story of a village, a night watchman, an angel's feather and secrets...
Further information available at www.grotteauxlucioles.com

Ferrette Torchlit Walk

A simple and appealing idea, proof of friendship, a unique place, a good dose of volunteering, unconditional support, a generous nature, an unmissable date, wide intergenerational participation, free of charge, with no compulsion to participate, such is the recipe for a unique event that is offered by enthusiasts of the Alsatian Jura to see in the New Year!

The principle has stayed the same for many years: a one-hour torch-lit walk, with a glass of sparkling wine offered inside the magical site of Ferrette castle.

Click here for further information

Altkirch Short Film Festival
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Short Film Festival

The Short Film Festival is an annual event in Altkirch offering a selection of movies on a particular theme for almost a week. There is a jury of professionals with a figurehead of the cinema industry chairing it. Conferences, round tables and open debates are held after screenings.
Since its first edition this festival has aimed to be a link between challenging innovative cinema and an audience curious about this original form of expression.

After Lorent Deutsch in 2002, Pierre Schoendoerffer in 2003 and Julien Hossein in 2004, the festival was delighted to welcome Josephine Chaplin as godmother and Philippe Nahon as President of the Jury at the 2005 edition. The 2006 edition hosted an exhibition of storyboard frames by Bruno Dieuleveut who was also the president of the jury. The KKO Festival welcomed Louis Schittly, Vincent Macaigne, Sophie Letourneur, Pachomius Thiellement, Thierry Théolier Bruno Breitwieser, Olivier Charasson, Michel Muller and others for its 2012 edition.
The encounter between cinema professionals and the public is a major asset of the festival. Since its inception it has involved various public and educational projects:
- The projection of numerous short films and the hosting of directors, producers, writers and actors over a 5-day period;
- The high school student contest for best film critic;
- The invitation extended to high schools and middle schools in Alsace to attend sessions followed by discussions with film professionals.

Organized by the town of Altkirch and the "Forum des Jeunes" Association. Tel : 03 89 08 36 03

Ferrette Medieval Festival
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Ferrette Medieval Festival

In 1324, Jeanne, the last Countess of Ferrette, joined her destiny to that of Albert II of Habsburg and from this union was born the entire dynasty of the ruling family of the Holy Roman Empire.
Based around this historical reference, and the ruins of the castle overlooking Ferrette, every two years the association lays on a medieval festival worthy of the town's historical past. This festive approach makes for a different approach to heritage.
Over the years, the medieval festival has always scrupulously endeavoured to be authentic and of high quality.
You can find medieval gear such as a trebuchet (catapult) and a St Catherine Wheel (hoist) that now act as props to help visiting tourists understand the medieval period.
Organized by the "Ferrette la médiévale" Association www.ferrette-medievale.org  

Altkirch Music Festival
Altkirch Music Festival

Altkirch Music Festival
Every year on 21 June at Place de la Halle aux Blés!

Pot'Art Festival in Tagolsheim
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Pot'Art Festival
in Tagolsheim


Pot'Arts Festival

This festival is held annually in September in Tagolsheim and involves various forms of art.
The stage is open to both amateur and professional artists, as well as local artwork, whether a group or individual effort. Encounter contemporary circus, theatre, world music, jazz, funk, traditional, etc.
Every year there are more than a dozen festivals where friendliness and quality entertainment are synonymous with passion, Indian summers and the art of living!
For 2 weeks, on the same stage are to be found internationally-known artists (Biréli Lagrenne, Souad Massi, Romane, Pierre Bensusan, etc) and local artists (Mito Loeffler, Chum's, Vincent Eckert, Huguette Dreickaus, etc) for all to enjoy. The nights are hot and long at "Pot'Arts"!

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