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MOVELO Electric bike hire

What is it?
An electric bike is a bike with an electric motor and a battery which helps you pedal and stops when you brake or stop pedalling.

Why an electric bike?
This assistance aids cycling because it complements the job of pedalling. The top speed is 25 km/h with assistance, which allows you to considerably increase the distance travelled compared to a traditional bike, and without any effort. Even on slopes or riding into the wind, the bike is a pleasure for all!
What are the advantages of the electric bike (ebike)

The ebike is considered to be a bicycle: you thus have access to cycle paths and no insurance or licence is required to use it.
Good for you and good for the planet, the ebike is a means of transport that does not emit greenhouse gases and consumes very little electricity.
So this is an ecological means of transport that is simple to use.

The stations in 2016 (April to October)
The network has 70 stations throughout Alsace including:
- 28 electric bike rental stations
- 20 electric bike rental stations with battery exchange
- 22 battery exchange stations
Sundgau belongs to the Movelo ebike rental network and has 5 ebike rental stations
Half day hire: 13€
Full day hire: 20€
For further information about the MOVELO ALSACE network see: moveloalsace.fr
See the Sundgau partner hire firms below.



This daily package deal includes:

- 1 day’s rental of an electric bike

- 1 regional lunch including a starter, a main dish, a dessert and a coffee

The package deal does not include: the 120 € deposit for the bike, drinks and other personal expenditure.

Price: 30€/person

Valid from 1st May to 31 September at the folowing participating establishments:

- Collin Hotel-Restaurant in Ferrette

- Aux Deux Clefs Hotel-Restaurant in Moernach

- Au Petit Kohlberg Hotel-Restaurant in Lucelle

- Restaurant Ritter in Dannemarie

Auberge des Trois Vallées in Hirsingue

- l'Auberge Sundgovienne in Carspach

Le Cheval Blanc in Diefmatten

Valid only at noon from Monday to Saturday, depending on restaurant opening times. 

For more detailed information, please contact the Tourist Information Office at 03 89 40 02 90.