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The Swiss Jura

More space to live better: the Jura canton is big...

The Jura is the youngest of the Swiss cantons. It was formed in 1979 from the fierce love of freedom of its inhabitants. Its capital is Delémont and has 83 parishes attached to three districts: Delémont, Porrentruy and Freiberger.

Freiberger Horses
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More space and contrasts...

A canton in which mountains, plains, hills and lush meadows alternate with cereal crops and orchards which produce the renowned Damassine. On the Freiberger high plateau wild horses, majestic fir trees and farms with large roofs create a characteristic and unique landscape in Switzerland. The land of the horse is aptly named because it is home to the Freiberger, the only breed of horse native to Switzerland.
The Jura Canton is rich in monuments and cultural and popular entertainment in all seasons, giving it its warm and friendly character. Delémont, Porrentruy, Saint-Ursanne and Saignelégier, have retained a medieval atmosphere and monuments, castles and mansions that generate their charm and richness. 

Freiberger by bike
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...For leisure,

Ubiquitous intact nature lends itself to the practice of all outdoor sports, in all seasons and at your own pace. Golf, climbing, canoeing, horse riding, cross country skiing or mountain biking?the Jura is a place of discovery and unexpected wonder.
The range of activities available also includes culture, including incredible museums, classical and contemporary art galleries, outdoor exhibitions in beautiful places (such as Saint-Ursanne) and several modern and classical music festivals.

St Ursanne Medieval Festival
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...Feasting and fun

The Jura canton (an area that looks like a big village where everyone knows each other) likes to party. Be it the Jura Carnival, the hearty feast of St. Martin, the Medieval Festival in St. Ursanne, the horse market and race in Saignelégier or the People's Festival in Delémont, the inhabitants of the Jura cultivate living traditions that enable them to meet in a friendly atmosphere and invite all their friends from outside.
The Jura Canton... simply more space!

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