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Enter the legend of the Enchanted Forest

Go back to childhood through the legends of the Enchanted Forest, which will amaze young and old

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Wake up in the middle of the forest in the heart of the ruins of Ferrette castle

End the year in style with the traditional torchlight walk on Ferrette's New Year's Eve

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Savor Carpe-Frite, THE specialty of Sundgau

Friendly, original, unmissable, a route is dedicated to it and in addition, it can be enjoyed with the fingers!

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Milk a cow before the farmer's breakfast

Having breakfast at the Luppachhof farm after milking cows and goats, a real experience for young and old that can be continued with a donkey ride.

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Go up on the roof of Sundgau

In the heart of the Alsatian Jura, the other mountain in Alsace, the Ramelsberg borders Switzerland and offers a magnificent panorama where the Alps are visible in good weather!

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Go on a hunt for street art in the capital Sundgauvienne

Altkirch, a creative city: discover street art works in the streets of the capital of Sundgau

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Taste a 100% artisanal and Sundgauvienne beer

An aperitif, a tasting or a concert evening are all reasons to discover Radwulf craft beers in a retro setting with neat decor.

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Take a step over the Ill river at its source in Winkel

The Ill, a 217 km long river, is the backbone of Alsace. It crosses the main towns there but in Winkel you can still climb over it without getting wet in a magnificent rural setting. Take the opportunity to admire the panorama of the Allée des Hêtres

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Leading the Castle Life

Between hiking and discovery, the circuit of the Three Castles of the Alsatian Jura will lead you on the most beautiful paths and trails of the territory, from one end to the other of this little piece of land forgotten by the frenzy and the ambient agitation.

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Pedal to the sauerkraut

Taste the sauerkraut at its different stages of production and even leave with a tart with sauerkraut and small bacon produced in Chavannes-sur-l'Etang.

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Relive the meeting of three armies at KM0 on the 14-18 front, a unique site in the world

Symbolic geographical point, and the beginning of the Western Front, the KM0 circuit travels between France and Switzerland and takes you back to the dark hours of the Great War thanks to the identically reconstructed trenches!

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Explore the whole of France through Antony cheeses in Vieux-Ferrette

Take part in the cheese ceremony organized by master refiner Antony or simply taste in the shop a range of cheeses, each more delicious than the next

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