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# 1 Because it's the only place you can eat real fried carp and it's delicious!

# 2 Because it's cheaper than a spiritual retreat in Nepal, but just as quiet to recharge your batteries


# 3 Because in our capital, the inhabitants are smiling and the waiters friendly


# 4 Because our villages are just as authentic as those on the Wine Route, but much less overcrowded 


# 5 Because you can discover 3 castles in a single day and even a few dwarves at the bottom of a cave


# 6 Because you will discover hidden gems like the Street art route that colors Altkirch


# 7 Because in addition to the small Christmas markets, you can discover the Enchanted Forest, which delights young and old.


# 8 Because the Sundgau offers countless walks, 730 km of mountain biking circuits, and beautiful cycle paths for the family to explore - enough to come home with a butt and calves of steel


# 9 Because if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, the Sundgau looks a bit like the Shire with beautiful scenery


# 10 Because we might not have wine, but very good beer produced locally in micro-breweries


# 11 Because here you can have a foot in France, a foot in Switzerland ... without changing villages in Lucelle!


# 12 Because the Sundgau is perfect for hikers, at the crossroads of 3 different mountain ranges: the Vosges, the Jura and the Black Forest 


# 13 Because in the same day, we can travel 3 countries and discover 3 different cultures


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