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24 hours of Charlotte

If I only had one day to discover the Sundgau, I would start with Altkirch, its capital !

The street layout in the center of this ancient medieval town has not changed since the Middle Ages! We take pleasure in discovering them on foot. Between two historic buildings, old watchtower, fountain, old door, etc. a work of street art full of colors point the tip of his nose. Two circuits exist to discover the heritage and the frescoes, according to the preferences of each one. Depending on the day you come, take a tour of the Sundgauvien Museum to learn more about the history of the region, or at CRAC - Rhine Center for Contemporary Art - which offers three different exhibitions each year. Another curiosity to see: an individual created in an old shop, a small world of model trains… Ideal for families and for model-making enthusiasts, who will enjoy watching them parade!


Do you like the cult? Visit the'Notre-Dame church, where the castle of Altkirch was located at the time. There are still some vestiges behind the church. In the lower town is also the Saint-Morand Priory, another building that you can reach via a marked path from the center in around fifteen minutes.

Do you like to walk? That turns out well ! Push up to rue du Roggenberg, all you have to do is climb… but the view is worth the effort: a superb panorama over the roofs of Altkirch and in particular that of the Museum with its colored tiles.

If you are passing through on a Thursday or Saturday morning, a trip to the Brive market is inevitable to buy some local products… and why not have a little snack?


Another idea for lunch: fried carp ! It is the typical dish of Sundgau. The carp is cut into steaks, fried with wheat semolina, and served with fries. It's hearty and delicious. Many restaurants offer it all over the territory. Our suggestion to kill two birds with one stone: the station restaurant in Hirtzbach, to make a good meal and then digest it by walking around the english village garden, two steps away. This magnificent park, designed by Baron Charles de Reinach, is a peaceful place with its many trees, small ponds… and its cooler, a construction that you don't see every day!

If you fell in love Hirtzbach and you want more, take the direction Hirsingue, then continue towards Bettendorf, Grentzingen, Oberdorf… On the Flower Route, where you will be amazed.


Plate of Carp-Fried
Plate of Carp-Fried

Another beautiful church, this one Romanesque, is to be seen in Feldbach, not far from the Flower Route. It's even the Romanesque gem of Sundgau. A stop is essential to discover the interior.

Another possibility, past Hirtzbach: take direction Largitzen and stop at the next village, Friesen. One of the oldest half-timbered houses in Alsace is located there, and a whole route exists to discover the village. From there, go up the Largue valley to Dannemarie. A leisurely stroll along the canal, exploring the canal bridge or the lock ladder, will be a great way to end the day.

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