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By Thomas Bresson - Own work,

Forest hut of the Borne des Trois Powers

This forest hut is located right next to the Borne des Trois Puissances, on the Franco-Swiss border which separates the communal bans of Pfetterhouse (Haut-Rhin), Beurnevesin (Switzerland) and Réchésy (Territoire de Belfort). It was built on the Swiss side by the municipality of Beurnevesin.

In principle it is open to everyone, but it is also possible to rent it from the town hall of Beurnevesin for meetings and thus to be able to have toilets.

When the cabin is rented (a sign is then displayed!) We ask you to leave it at the disposal of the people who rented it.

The rental conditions, decided by the municipal council, are as follows:

- Price per day for the inhabitants of Beurnevésin: CHF 20 .--

- Price per day for other people: CHF 40 .--

- A deposit of CHF 50 .-- is required for handing over the keys to the toilet room. It will be returned upon return of the keys.

- The tenants collect the waste they will have produced and clean the premises, sanitary facilities and surroundings including. The provision of cleaning equipment and toilet paper is the responsibility of the tenants.

For any questions you can contact the municipal councilor in charge of the hut, Ms. Cindy Guenat, tel 077 449 05 15

Reservations are made with the municipal secretariat  or by phone at 032 474 42 33.


  • By a small asphalt road
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Access authorized by vehicle from the town of Beurnevesin (see map)
  • In forest
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  • In forest
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Three Powers bollard - © By Thomas Bresson - Own work,Beurnevesin forest hut - © By Thomas Bresson - Own work,Terminal of the Three Powers during the Great War - © Swiss Federal Archives

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