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Vianney MULLER

Fuste of Koestlach

The Koestlach forest hut is located at the foot of the Kastelberg, at the site of a forest crossing. Built from an assembly of fir trunks, it can be rented for an evening from the town hall. It remains freely accessible for hikers except rental. With an outdoor barbecue area, it is ideal for a picnic in the shelter. Note that this cabin is not closed and therefore does not have interior heating. Its capacity is 20 to 30 people inside (2 tables / benches of 10/15 places) and 10/15 people on the table / bench located under the awning. It includes a total of three tables / benches.
Access by car is prohibited (only one vehicle authorized for people with reduced mobility and supplies). 


  • Not accessible by car
Altitude (m):
Name, contact details of the car park closest to the start:
Parking lot of the voluntary deposit at the entrance of the village from Vieux-Ferrette
Walking time (min) from the car park to the site:
  • In forest
  • Isolated


The 01 / 01 / 2021 31 in / 12 / 2021


68480 Koestlach


Koestlach Town Hall
1 rue des Romains
68480 Koestlach
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  • In forest
  • Isolated

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Koestlach Fuste - © Vianney MULLERKoestlach Fuste - © Vianney MULLERKoestlach Fuste - © Vianney MULLERKoestlach Fuste - © Vianney MULLERKoestlach Fuste - © Vianney MULLER

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