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The Fust of Bettlach

In an idyllic setting, in the communal forest of Bettlach, on the road to Hagenthal, on the right, at a place called “Wãldfest”, there is a shelter built from a trunk of fir trees commonly called Fuste.

This sturdy chalet replaced a small forest hut which, after three decades of good service, was demolished because it was dilapidated and dangerous. It is equipped with 3 tables of 10 places each and a place for barbecue.

This log can be reserved for various family gatherings and events of all kinds (strict conditions with written authorization).

Rental information: go to the town hall by appointment (Tel: 0 389 407 002) to obtain written authorization with a declaration of intent, description of the event, indication of the number of people and cars (approximate). The rental is due immediately + a deposit (check deposit).

The Mayor's authorization is subordinate to departmental directives (weather alerts) and therefore the authorization will lapse in the event of an obvious alert (in this case the rental will be reimbursed) and no compensation from the municipality is granted.

The authorizations granted will be transmitted to the green brigade, to the ONF and the National Gendarmerie) which, authorities as well as the representatives of the municipality, will be able to control at any time and to make verbalize for any noted infringements.

Of course, hikers and walkers can freely take advantage of this shelter during their visits.


  • By a dirt road
  • At the edge of the forest
  • Isolated


68480 Bettlach


52 rue de Bâle
68480 Bettlach
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  • At the edge of the forest
  • Isolated

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