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Saint Brice Chapel

Located between Schwoben and Hausgauen, in a bucolic and green setting, the Saint-Brice chapel currently bears the vintage of 1695, but its origin could go back to the year 1753, which would make it the oldest sanctuary in the valley with the church of Knoeringue. Behind the chapel, on the hillside, stretched the village of Dennach, which no doubt disappeared in the 1879th century. In XNUMX, as an extension of the choir, a hermitage was built. Responsible for guarding and decorating the chapel, the successive hermits lived soberly on the alms of the faithful and the generosity of the municipality. When the last died in XNUMX, the bell of the small sanctuary sounded the death knell on its own, it seems. Legend has it that sometimes at midnight a demonic dog with bulging eyes sits near the chapel. The ghosts of the soldiers who burned down the ancient village of Dennach then roam the scene of their crime. When the first hour of the morning strikes in the neighboring village, all disappear and the chapel regains its calm. Text Marc Glotz


Duration: 30 min
Accepted animals :
Type of place to visit
  • Religious site
  • catholic site
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  • Free tour
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  • Free private parking for cars


Reception hours:
accessible all year round. Interior of the chapel visible from May 1 to September 30.


 Valley Street
68130 Hausgauen
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2 Rue de l'Ecole
Town hall
68130 Hausgauen

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St Brice Hausgauen Chapel - © Guy BUCHHEITSt Brice Hausgauen Chapel - © Vianney MULLERSt Brice Hausgauen Chapel - © Guy BUCHHEITSt Brice Hausgauen Chapel - © Vianney MULLER

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