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Carspach - Altkirch trout fishing tourist route

Trout fishing in the Ill, between the municipalities of Altkirch and Carspach. Regulations specific to the AAPPMA Sud Alsace routes to be consulted with resellers.

Reciprocity with the annual federal card, but fishing only in NO-KILL.

1 line fishing, fly, spoon and lures allowed (from the opening of the pike), barbless hooks mandatory.

Fishing card available at the Sundgau Tourist Office, the Dannemarie fishing store and from the AAPPMA Sud Alsace.


Place of the event / departure:
Departure from the Old Siat Dam
Length of circuit / route (in km): 3
Markup type
  • Explanatory panels
Accepted animals :

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Reception hours:
1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour before sunset

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 Departure from the Old Siat Dam
68130 Carspach
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6 B rue Principale
68210 Buethwiller
Distance (km) to the nearest station:

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