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STUWA, a contemporary art trail in Sundgau

The Sundgau Art and Nature Trail STUWA creates meetings between artists and residents around a reflection on the major issues of the territory. The places where the works are hosted become spaces for discovery and sharing, reflecting the richness of the cultural and natural heritage of Sundgau.


STUWA stands out for its participatory method which brings together municipalities, businesses, schools and artists. 

The course welcomes artists in residence each year: they settle in one of the towns in the region, meet its inhabitants, work in collaboration with a local company, and lead workshops in schools and colleges in the area.

At the end of the residencies, the works produced are inaugurated in the host municipality. They are installed in public spaces for an average duration of 3 years.


Since 2015, 41 works have been installed in 27 Sundgauvian municipalities.

STUWA welcomed 40 local, national and international artists (and artist collectives).

26 works are currently visible in the Sundgau!


Why “STUWA”?

In the Alsatian language, the "Stuwa" designates the living room of the traditional Sundgauvian house. It is in this place of gathering and exchange that the language, stories, history and cuisine, in short the culture of the territory, were forged and shared.

STUWA proposes to generalize exchanges between residents, artists and visitors. The works of art along the route thus become so many collective “Stuwa”, reflections of the cultural and geographical richness of the territory.

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