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The Sundgau, a cycling paradise

In the far south of Alsace, in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland and Germany, the Sundgau has 9 signposted bike circuits including 3 fully secure cycle paths that allow you to walk through countless ponds, green hills and typical Alsatian villages.

You will be able to go up the two Sundgauvian valleys to the springs of the country, in the heart of the Massif du Alsatian Jura, this mountain land, between lake and caves, between castles and churches.

The Sundgau country is crossed byEurovélo 6, a 2 km cycle route that links Nantes to Budapest, the Atlantic to the Black Sea. A large part of the signposted routes follows greenways separated from car traffic, the rest using low traffic roads or cycle paths.

You will appreciate to follow the canal from lock to lock, between the sky and the water, in the open horizon of the laughing Sundgau. Okay, you're not on a boat, you're on a bike, but admit that the illusion is almost perfect. After crossing villages, orchards and valleys, you are of the quiet family of houseboats, fishermen, reeds and dreamy alders ...

Washhouses, half-timbered houses typical of Sundgau, wells, rural crosses, boundary markers, Wilhelmian architecture, ... are all elements recalling the ancient and tormented history of Sundgau where famous men like the famous painter Jean originated. -Jacques Henner, born in Bernwiller.

The Sundgau, paradise for biking, is almost 300 km of marked discovery circuits allowing you to explore one of the most beautiful regions of Alsace, authentic, mysterious and unspoiled by mass tourism.

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