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Christmas Markets near Sundgau

The Sundgau area puts on many small authentic Christmas markets and will astound you with its Enchanted Forest but it is also a great place to enjoy the big Christmas markets nearby. Nearby, you will discover those renowned markets that each have their specific characteristics and peculiarities. The markets of Basel, Montbeliard, Colmar and Mulhouse are all less than an hour from Sundgau where much accommmodation is available. 

Basel Christmas Market

Basel Markplatz
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Basel Markplatz

Presentation: The Christmas market is held in Basel on Barfüsserplatz in the heart of the old town. There is a warm and magical atmosphere in which traders and craftsmen from the region and from all over Switzerland present their products and demonstrate their skills in some 130 illuminated stands and wooden chalets. Finally, on Messeplatz, the "Enchantment of Winter" plunges you into a real Christmas fairytale with a Ferris wheel, an ice rink and a multitude of attractions.

Access :
- by car: 35 mn from Ferrette or Altkirch
- by tram via Leymen (recommended): 30 mn from Leymen to Basel centre.
- by train from Altkirch station: allow between 60 and 90 minutes.

Colmar Christmas Market

Colmar Christmas Market
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Colmar Christmas Market

Presentation: In Colmar, "art and tradition" are the key words. The chosen objects tend towards local and regional crafts, local produce and cakes, pastries and traditional Christmas sweets. The items dispalyed in the Christmas Markets in Colmar have been carefully selected for general pleasure and for all budgets.
Five traditional Christmas markets are situated in the centre of Old Colmar. In fact, the site itself provides each one with its own connotation, a different tone lending each market its own identity. The cabins were designed by architects and interior designers in an attempt to perfectly blend in with the different squares by respecting the heritage that surrounds them. They give each small market the appearance of a mini village where it is enjoyable to take the time to walk around.

Information: http://www.noel-colmar.com/en/ 
Access :
- by car: 1 hour from Ferrette or 55 mn from Altkirch
- by train from Altkirch station: allow 45 mn 

Mulhouse Christmas Market

Place de la Réunion
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Place de la Réunion

Presentation: Mulled wine, Christmas beer, biscuits including the new Mulhouse "Christmas Crunch" cookies, foie gras, and flammekueche (traditional "tarte flambée") diffuse their scent around the 80 wooden market chalets where visitors will find many local craft objects. The city centre of Mulhouse is wrapped up in the magic of Christmas and comes alive with glittering lights and shimmering fabrics...

Information: https://www.noel-mulhouse.fr/
Acces :
- by car: 40 mn from Ferrette and 20 mn from Altkirch
- by train from Altkirch satation: allow 15 mn

Montbéliard Christmas Market

Montbéliard Market
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Montbéliard Market

Presentation: A typical market, authentic and resolutely craft-oriented! The Christmas Lights have kept their soul and originality. Christmas in Montbeliard "is Christmas for all traditions"... the Christmas market is installed at the foot of the oldest Lutheran church in France, Saint Martin's Temple, dating back to 1601. More than 140 craftsmen from the Franche-Comté region but also from all over France and abroad are to be found each year. In the Gourmet and Sweet Flavours alleys, one snacks by "crunching" on some Christmas cookies and other treats while enjoying a glass of mulled wine. The market is typical of the Germanic tradition to which Montbéliard is very attached. It offers authentic products marked with the spirit of Christmas and celebration! It is of course craft-based. Each year there is tough competition to ensure that the merchants' stalls are full of traditional products. The Christmas Lights reconnect with the beautiful Christmases of the past!

Information : www.lumieres-de-noel.fr 
Access :
- by car: 1 hour from Ferrette or 50 mn from Altkirch
- by train from Altkirch station: allow 1 hour