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The castles of the Alsatian Jura

The castle of Ferrette is one of the oldest in Alsace. Its first mention dates back to 1105. It was one of the main possessions of the Counts of Ferrette, a dynasty which was formed by sharing the heritage of the Counts of Montbéliard. Seven counts of Ferrette will succeed one another.

After the death of the last count, the county passed to the house of Austria through the marriage of Jeanne de Ferrette with Duke Albert II of Habsburg in 1324. The castle then became the residence of an Austrian bailiff.

The castle ruins are made up of two parts:
- the upper castle, the oldest, consists of a residential tower carved out of limestone and on several levels, one of the first of its type in Alsace. A platform allows you to enjoy a superb panorama of the Vosges, the Black Forest and the Jura.
- the lower castle has several round towers open at the throat and equipped with fire hydrant.

Free visit all year round. Guide to discovering the castles of the Alsatian Jura available at the Tourist Office (€ 3). Parking at the foot of the castle opposite the old court or at the Tourist Office. Allow 45 to 60 minutes for a free visit of the castle. You can download the sound points for free to listen to them on site.

  • Landskron Castle

    Landskron Castle

  • Landskron Castle

    Landskron Castle

Perched in the Alsatian Jura, a stone's throw from the village of Leymen and Switzerland, the Landskron castle overlooks the entire valley.
It was transformed into a garrison according to Vauban's plans (1689), burned and bombed in 1817 and finally classified as a Historic Monument in 1923. XNUMXth century dungeon, towers, remains of the chapel and the well offer a pleasant green stroll. . Free visit all year round.
  • Morimont Castle

    Morimont Castle

  • Morimont Castle

    Morimont Castle

Nestled in lush greenery, the Morimont castle was mentioned for the first time in 1183 and controlled the upper valley of the largue. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years War by French troops.

In 1826, a group of Jura patriots swore to liberate their country from the Bernese yoke to form a new canton, which was the case in 1978.

Visit the ramparts, watchtowers, an exceptional vaulted cellar whose dimensions make it unique in Alsace. A path allows to go around the castle.

A guidebook entitled "Discovering the Three Castles of the Alsatian Jura" presents the castle and offers a walking tour around the castle.


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