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The activity of this Sundgauvien craftsman ranges from the creation of custom frames (classic and creation) to the restoration / creation of all furniture in gilded wood. You will visit the gallery as well as the workshops where you can discover the restoration and the creation of furniture in gilded wood. Demonstration of gilding with gold leaf, presentation of the different stages ...
Discover the "CERAMIC Catherine Uhrweiller" Art Workshop and let Art enter your life!
L'Atelier d'Art is located in the heart of the Alsatian Jura in Liebsdorf.
The ceramics are designed by artist Catherine Uhrweiller in an eco-responsible manner with materials from Europe. His unique works are inspired by his region, they are handcrafted and come out of ovens at 1250 °.

Catherine Uhrweiller also offers "pottery" workshops, you can contact her for more details.

The creations are available:
- At the workshop (by phone at 06 85 22 26 96) or on the website:
- Alsace Boutique: Colmar
- Black and Tea: Altkirch
- Floral sewing: Dannemarie
- Sundgau Tourist Office
Realization of traditional or contemporary stained glass for interior doors, kitchen units, velux, windows in verandas, entry door under double glazing ... lamps, mirrors, family and village emblems, creation and restoration of church stained glass.
Passion for 4 generations. A modern repair workshop where we restore old clocks with the know-how and competence of our fine craft. Visit the exhibition and the watchmaking, jewelry and polishing workshop. Demonstration of modern mechanical pendulums with different rings, gongs, bells. Discovery of modern technologies, radio-controlled pendulums, tactile watches… Discovery of the different stages of our workshop and of course, a glass of friendship offered.
Group visit max 6 people by reservation. Visit for individuals scheduled in summer season, consult the program of the tourist office.
  • Claude sauerkraut

    Claude sauerkraut

A family business established since 1961, Claude sauerkraut offers you an authentic Sundgauvian sauerkraut made in Chavannes-sur-l'Étang. Member of the sauerkraut brotherhood, Claude sauerkraut sells a whole range of raw Alsace sauerkraut in 25 kg, 10 Kg, 5 Kg and 2 Kg buckets, not to mention the raw Alsace sauerkraut fermented with sea salt or a sauerkraut prepared with goose fat and Riesling. Other farm products are offered such as salted, raw or prepared raves and turnips, shallots, onions or garlic as well as white cabbage.
Chavannes sur l'Etang
All our candles are made in our workshop, we fill the containers of your choice, including your old candle jars that you want to reuse, also cups, mugs, glasses and other containers.
An original idea to offer! Think about it!
Our small lights are exclusively made of vegetable wax and do not contain any additives, the wicks are made of natural cotton and do not contain lead. So we get non-toxic candles for your home, they do not give off black smoke and above all they burn slowly for a better diffusion of the perfumes.
Pierre Grisweg, passionate about his trade, opens his forge from time to time to discover this fabulous trade.
This can only be done on request. Call Mr. Grisweg to agree a date together.
Hubert Gardere, stonemason in Alsace offers his stonework services for individuals and businesses: fountains, stairs, paving, walls, columns, sinks, etc., in creation and renovation. He made a tour of France of remarkable sites from 1989 to 1995, also passing through Switzerland, during which he was able to acquire all the techniques related to stone. His know-how has enabled him to participate in such prestigious projects as the Louvre, the Pantheon, the Senate, etc. He welcomes you by appointment to visit his size workshop, his sculpture exhibition and offers on request , courses in carving and stone sculpture.
Combining know-how and authenticity, Sundgau reserves its own specialties for its guests. Please go to the table starting with the dessert!
Since 1978, Ms. and Mr. Meyer have been making their chocolates, pralines, pastries, cookies, petits fours in their biscuit store in Retzwiller, a must-see address for all gourmets! During your visit, discover the laboratory, the different molds, the manufacturing techniques and perhaps even the master chocolate makers will give you their little recipes ...
According to her inspiration and the seasons, Marie Paule Steyer creates over thread (embroidery on linen, kelsh, textile) and transforms furniture and old objects to give them a second life in a cocooning spirit

The Courtelevant mill located on the banks of the Vendeline dates back to the 1855th century and is listed in the additional inventory of Historic Monuments. Sold after the Revolution, a fire almost completely destroyed it in XNUMX. A new mill was then built and the old mill was transformed into a dwelling house.
A hydraulic wheel of about 5 meters in diameter was put in place along with the most modern processes of the time in order to produce very good quality flour.

The same family operated it for a century before it was gradually abandoned in 1905, the victim of the establishment of large flour mills with lower production costs.

This mill from 1855 remained untouched and the whole was kept in exceptional condition.

The association "Les Amis du Moulin de Courtelevant" was created in 1988 with the aims of safeguarding, restoring and animating the mill.

Thus, after major renovations, this mill, now the Museum of grinding techniques, produces flour thanks to a team of enthusiasts.

The workshop created by Pierre Spenlehauer and Dominique Spiess opened its doors on April 1, 1983. They combined their respective skills as a stove and a ceramist. According to a pure local tradition, the Spenleheuer-Spiess-Fuchs workshop offers its customers a varied range of stoves, ensuring the manufacture of earthenware tiles and their assembly "all refractory" (clay brick). This activity is completed by the realization of traditional bread oven. Obtained 2 gold Bretzels in 2005 and 2006 as built heritage and crafts.
“The son of a wheelwright, I spent a lot of time in my father's workshop, where I turned my first pieces at the age of eight. In 1964, I did a CAP as a metal turner and in 1965, a CAP as a designer. Since 1965, I have been working as a designer-designer in an electrical engineering company and, since 1985, I have been doing computer-assisted drawing (CAD).
During my leisure activities, I have always been familiar with wood, which changes my computer keyboard. I made some of our furniture, in particular a Comtoise clock which I am very proud of. Woodturning having always attracted me, I made a wood lathe which I used for many years. Recently I have just acquired a professional cast iron lathe with dimmer which I have dreamed of for a long time. Don't hesitate to discover Roger MOLL's production directly in his workshop at RAEDERSDORF. Please make an appointment beforehand

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