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  • CRAC Alsace-Altkirch

    CRAC Alsace-Altkirch

  • Crac Alsace - Altkirch

    Crac Alsace - Altkirch


Located in Altkirch and near Switzerland (Basel) and Germany (Friborg), the CRAC Alsace is a contemporary art center dedicated to research and creation which, through the design of exhibitions, d editions and specific actions of mediation, endeavors to support artistic production by promoting encounters between the public, artists and works.


The public service offers guided tours of the exhibitions throughout the year.
Every Saturday and Sunday at 15 p.m., mediations are organized.

Mediators accompany you in the exhibition and give you keys to understanding the works on display.

Guided tours of the exhibitions are also offered all week by appointment.

  • The RE-Birth museum space in Ferrette

    The RE-Birth museum space in Ferrette

Nestled at the foot of the ancestral castle which gave it birth and clinging to the mountainside, the town of Ferrette still seems to want to defend itself from a hypothetical invader ...

It is in the middle of paths and on medieval alleys protected by remarkable buildings, that our guide will accompany you on a fascinating journey through time.

During this "odyssey", you will rub shoulders with the Counts of Ferrette of course, but also the Emperors of Austria, King Louis XIV and even His Serene Highness Albert II of Monaco, whose links with Ferrette are recounted in the museum space. , a building dating from 1572, itself steeped in history!

History but also nature, since the city of the Counts, shelters an exceptional biodiversity characteristic of the Alsatian Jura massif of which it is the capital….

The museum space is located on the ground floor of the town hall of Ferrette, a building from 1572 listed in the inventory of historical monuments. It offers a permanent exhibition which traces in three languages ​​(French, German, English) the history of the city and the county. The opportunity to get to know the Habsburgs, the Mazarins and the Grimaldis, who left their mark on local history, through chronological panels and an audiovisual montage around the model of Ferrette. A touch screen allows you to view several videos on personalities who have marked Ferrette, such as Léon Lehmann, or to discover some reports on Ferrette.

These exhibitions were produced by history buffs: Roland Vogel and Jean-Jacques Kielwasser, of Trésors de Ferrette, Paul-Bernard Munch and Philippe Lacourt, vice-presidents of the Société d'Histoire du Sundgau. Béatrice Kielwasser coordinated this exhibition set up by all the members of the association.  


The museum area also hosts temporary exhibitions.

Guided tours on request for groups and schools: tel. 07 49 00 70 72.

  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

Come and discover a universe between real and imaginary! Dream scenery: a gigantic tree spreads its branches, sheltering a mountain town which comes alive on all sides, with cavities, tunnels from which miniature trains emerge ... While another space welcomes a world vintage toys, elves and fairies ... 

A little paradise for model-making enthusiasts!

Theme 2022: discover a magnificent model representing the universe of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit! Incredible characters to discover, who come from an exceptional collection.

 The Memorial of Haute Alsace is a project which follows on from the exhibition Les Tranchées Oubliés. Personalities and local facts such as the Zero Kilometer, Corporal Jules-André Peugeot, Second Lieutenant Mayer or the unique character of this piece of Alsace occupied by the French army will make it possible to enhance the unique past of the region. Sundgau region in the Great War of 14-18. The Memorial allows visitors to discover the daily life of both soldiers and civilians during this conflict and to understand their different points of view.

Take part in the great adventure of textile manufacturers by entering into the history and techniques of printing on fabrics from the XNUMXth century to the present day. Flowers, Indians, cashmere in shimmering colors thus mingle with more contemporary textile creations in dyeing, printing or patchwork. Discover the extraordinary richness of the most important collection in the world through constantly updated temporary exhibitions.

  • Werentzhouse Lovers Museum

    Werentzhouse Lovers Museum

This museum, the smallest in the world and specialist in postcards, preserves a collection of more than 20.000 postcards in a thousand binders from the surrounding villages, some of which date back over a hundred years. Come and discover local customs, religious festivals, work in the fields, trades ... as well as the history of the postcard.


In nuance, come and discover the municipal museum of fine arts. Born from a triple ambition: to provide an overview of the history of art, to promote French painting and to support local artists. This museum will allow you to dive into rich and harmonious works. From Brueghel to Henner via Courbet: love this charming museum housed at Villa Steinbach which stands out for its charm and elegance.
About fifteen kms or about a quarter of an hour by car from Saint-Louis. The Three Countries Museum, subsidized by the European INTERREG program, is the only museum in Europe devoted to three countries: it is indeed interested in the Three Frontiers region, between the German Black Forest, the French Vosges and the Swiss Jura. The exhibition of the Three Countries, an unmissable experience! In French and German, the permanent exhibition of the Three Countries offers visitors an overview of the region formed by the Pays de Baden, Alsace and Northwestern Switzerland. What common traits link the inhabitants of the Upper Rhine Region to each other? What process led to the tripartition of this region? What are the repercussions of borders on politics, the economy and everyday life? In rooms accessible to all, many interactive stations as well as audio stations allow all generations to have fun during the visit. An important collection and major exhibitions! Each year, the Musée des Trois Pays presents several temporary exhibitions devoted to a wide variety of themes: history, current affairs, regional culture or local art. They are based on the museum's collection which comprises approximately 1 items. A database provides online information on the various funds.

One of the largest firefighter museums in France.

It takes over, completes, modernizes and above all presents in its own premises the prestigious collection which has so far constituted the museum of the firefighter of Mulhouse and which was presented within the framework of the Musée du Chemin de Fer à Mulhouse from 1978 to 2003.
Two halls (1100 and 1200 m2), showcases, an audio-visual room, a shop, a library ... Machines on wheels, a hundred equipment (equipment, clothing, unusual objects ...), a central full telephone, public fire alarms ...


Old Ferrette
The museum tells the story of a fascinating adventure, that of electricity. It begins in Antiquity, crosses the centuries with many experiments, discoveries, theories and inventions… until today when everything is electric! Take part in the experiments as they were performed in the XNUMXth century and observe strange phenomena, to make your hair stand on end! Let yourself be seduced by the new multimedia show of "the big machine", the flagship of Mulhouse industrial history. In the new space "An electric future", enter a new era to discover the links between electricity, climate and the new lifestyles of the XNUMXst century. Especially for children: games, experiments, videos to understand how a battery, a light bulb, a motor work, to find out what happens when the current flows ...
At the heart of Mulhouse old town and its old town hall: flagship of Mulhouse heritage, discover Mulhouse from the Paleolithic to the present day in its Historical Museum. A themed tour will put the history of the city in perspective, while making you appreciate the art of living of the Alsatians of yesteryear.
A prestigious internationally recognized museum, the Automobile Museum presents some 430 exceptional vehicles, including 150 Bugattis. During your visit, take advantage of the animations, videos, simulators, playgrounds or even a classic car driving experience… a must!

This museum has an original history, a true fairy tale: it is an annex of the historical museum of Mulhouse created by a priest in love with his land and eager to save the witnesses and customs of yesteryear.

It is housed in a beautiful restored peasant house.

The collections revolve around several themes: trades, domestic life, agricultural life, religious life, and retrace the life of peasants in the Sundgau in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a world that seems far away ...

  • Altkirch Sundgauvien Museum

    Altkirch Sundgauvien Museum

The museum is currently closed for renovations.

Housed in a beautiful Renaissance building, residence of the former bailiffs, the Sundgauvien Museum presents the history, life and customs of southern Alsace and more particularly of Sundgau. 


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