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The Sundgau is particularly suitable for mountain biking. Thus, every year, the many mountain bike clubs in the area organize mountain bike tours where conviviality and discovery are the key words. Several circuits are available for families and friends, for beginners and experienced mountain bikers. Friendly stops, where drinks and snacks are offered, enhance the various routes.

The best way to discover the Sundgau!

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More info to come 


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Young Montreux
  • 2 villages on 2 wheels

    2 villages on 2 wheels

Located on the heights of the Largue valley, the Oberwald forest is crossed by a pretty forest road. Get on your bikes, follow the guide to take the side roads between Strueth and Ueberstrass and discover the nature and heritage that make up the beauty of our Sundgau.

Registration required before Wednesday, July 31.
Limited places. From the age of 8. 


The back-to-school classic! 

Several mountain bike routes of 20 to 50 km, which will take you this year to the north of Wittersdorf, and 2 road courses of 26 and 55 km

(Information will be detailed later)

More info to come.

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