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The Sundgau is particularly suitable for mountain biking. Thus, every year, the many mountain bike clubs in the area organize mountain bike tours where conviviality and discovery are the key words. Several circuits are available for families and friends, for beginners and experienced mountain bikers. Friendly stops, where drinks and snacks are offered, enhance the various routes.

The best way to discover the Sundgau!

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For this edition of the mountain bike and road hike, the Wittersdorf bike club has planned varied routes for you to escape into our beautiful Sundgau landscapes.

As usual, the circuits will increase in both kilometers and difficulties, and for your well-being, several copious and free refreshment points will be found on the different routes. On arrival, a refreshment bar will await athletes and there will be the possibility of having hot meals (Paella at €13, by reservation before August 26). 

4 mountain bike circuits to satisfy all levels 

  • 19 Km (225 m D+)
  • 31 Km (408 m D+)
  • 41 Km (600 m D+)
  • 51 km (800 m D+).

2 road bike circuits of 25 km (224 m D+) and 56 km (590 m D+) on rather hilly routes

You are regularly between 800 and 1000 participants, whatever the weather!

The entire organizing team thanks you for your support and will do what is necessary to renew it in 2024.

For more descriptive details, as well as to download the hiking maps: on our website: et sur Facebook :


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