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  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

Reopening in accordance with the health regulations in force: 5 people maximum

Free Entrée

Come and discover a universe between real and imaginary! Dream scenery: a gigantic tree spreads its branches, sheltering a mountain town which comes alive on all sides, with cavities, tunnels from which miniature trains emerge ... While another space welcomes a world vintage toys, elves and fairies ... 

A little paradise for model-making enthusiasts!


The 28 / 11 / 2020 31 in / 01 / 2021
Stuwa is a contemporary art route that presents 23 works located in public spaces and spread over 21 municipalities of Sundgau.
The Stuwa was the living room of the traditional Sundgauvian house. It is in this place of gathering and exchange that the language, the tales, the history and the cuisine, in short the culture of the territory, were forged and shared.
Each work contributes to the renewal of our view on the environment, nature thanks to the sensitive and original interpretation of the Sundgauvien territory by the invited artists.
These works of art come from a selection of local and national artists proposed by the exhibition curator of the association COAL, art and sustainable development.
Altkirch and surroundings
The 01 / 01 / 2018 31 in / 12 / 2021
Stroll between the Old Rhine and the Grand Canal d'Alsace and discover what was the largest renaturation site in Europe.
Today, the Rhine Island is a mosaic of land and water spaces, very diverse and conducive to the development of biodiversity.
On the 100 hectares formerly dedicated to the cultivation of corn, a large-scale ecological renaturation has been carried out including the restoration of an arm of the river over more than seven kilometers, thus giving birth to a new river in Alsace. A set of natural, wet and dry environments has been restored and allows the maintenance or return of certain species of amphibians, birds and mammals.
The map of the walks is downloadable, the routes can be done on foot or by mountain bike. :
Circuit 10: "Grand tour of the island of the Rhine" of 12 km.
Circuit 9: 3,5 km "Petit-Rhin" to "Vieux-Rhin" path on the southern tip of the island. To do this little circuit of the renatured Rhine Island on foot only, the Access by car is via the Märkt dam, from the German side, so you have to cross the Palmrain cross-border bridge and take the street named "Alte Strasse" to the Märkt car park (see map).
Circuit 7: "Rhine escapades trail" 3,5 km north of the island. To discover the northern tip of the island and its pretty "Istein bar" made up of small rapids in the rocky bed of the Old Rhine, the circuit is accessible by Kembs-Loechlé.
The 20 / 08 / 2020 31 in / 12 / 2021
  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

Discover the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette in the mobile application "On the Treasure Trail of Alsace"! Free, available on iPhone and Android, this fun application lists many tourist and recreational routes in the four corners of Alsace.

With the game of the legend of the Dwarves of Ferrette, find your way thanks to the indications given over the stages, answer questions, reconstruct important pieces on the screen of your smartphone ... To unearth treasures and perhaps, get a reward at the end of the game! Discover this small medieval town nestled in the first foothills of the Alsatian Jura ... This town with a prestigious past will charm you with its narrow and romantic paths which lead to the haughty ruins of the Château de Ferrette and the famous Grotte des Dains!

To download the application, several possibilities: directly in the appstore or the PlayStore of your smartphone or tablet (search for "On the trail of the treasures of Alsace" and download the application), or on your mobile browser by typing the link

(then download the application).

So it's up to you!
The 01 / 09 / 2020 31 in / 12 / 2025

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