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By Emmanuelle FILIPPI HAHN, storyteller

Small and large ears are invited to come together around stories dealing with memory, love, disobedience… "Stealing cherries, you don't have it."
never done ? When it's forbidden, it's much better!
Traditional tales and life stories around these childhood nuggets that are nonsense ... Because it's funny! "

At the end of the performance, a snack will be shared between young and old.

A recording of the meeting will be broadcast on October 31 and November 1 on Radio MNE (107.5 FM in Mulhouse) and DAB + Haut-Rhin. It will also be available as a Podcast on

Limited to 12 children

The 27 / 10 / 2020

Debate evening: The strength of our emotions

Emotion is often considered a weakness, it must be your ally.

Speaker: Marlyse MONGIELLO-FEDERSPIEL, psychotherapist.

Limited places, on registration at or

The 27 / 10 / 2020
Practice of musical activities for 5 - 7 year olds
The 28 / 10 / 2020

By the gray mouse

Bring the Tanukis sticker to life, thanks to augmented reality. Then create a mask that will also come alive in reality.

Limited to 12 people

The 28 / 10 / 2020

A ghost family lived peacefully in their house, but suddenly a thunderstorm will upset everything.

Try to catch the ghosts as fast as possible in order to save them!

Limited to 8 children.

The 29 / 10 / 2020


  • 1 wicked witch
  • 1 book of spells
  • 1 kilo of fear
  • 1 runny flag
  • .

Storytelling and DIY workshop. Please note: places are limited!

The 30 / 10 / 2020


  • 1 ugly wolf
  • 1 little granny
  • 1 magic trick
  • 1 twisted baguette
  • .

Storytelling and DIY workshop - Please note: places are limited!

The 30 / 10 / 2020

Nothing beats apple juice, but not just any apple juice: yours! Our apple press and its pasteurization line allow you to make and store your juice for many months! By appointment, volunteers welcome you and help you with the pressing, pasteurization and bottling of your production.

>> The press operates from early September to early November, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and some Tuesdays and Wednesdays in case of high production.
>> To access the press, you must be up to date with your subscription (15 euros) and pay a contribution per liter produced (between 0.58 and 1,05 euros).
>> You can book an appointment by phone from August 24.
>> the first pressing day will take place on September 3

Please note, due to the current health crisis, to access the wine press, you must:

  • must have a protective mask,

have your protective equipment: gloves to handle hot bottles and boots. There will be no loan of equipment by the Maison de la nature!

The 03 / 09 / 2020 31 in / 10 / 2020

The Sundgau Accordion Orchestra is an instrumental ensemble composed of accordions associated with other instruments (bass guitar, keyboards, transverse flutes, brass and percussion). This orchestra is under the direction of Philippe REY, accordion teacher.

In order to make the accordion better known and the richness of its timbre, the Sundgau Accordion Orchestra has acquired over the years an original and eclectic repertoire that allows the public to present both classical works and jazz pieces, or entertainment music with tributes to the French song.

The orchestra has recorded 4 CDs and participated in international competitions. He distinguished himself in the international competition of Castelfidardo in Italy and Pula in Croatia, a benchmark competition in the accordion world.

Through the repertoire offered by the orchestra which offers an authentic musical journey, the musicians wish to share with the public their passion for this instrument and to make its repertoire better known, which lends itself to all styles of music.

The 31 / 10 / 2020
Come live a day of madness and challenge your fears, if you dare! In addition to themed activities taking place during the holidays, the Park offers musical, animal and fireworks entertainment every half hour from 17 p.m.
The 31 / 10 / 2020
During the All Saints' Day holidays, the Parc du Petit Prince will make you shiver with pleasure! Wander the aisles to meet shadow creatures! In the program ? Themed attractions, original activities and a mysterious treasure hunt ... Several attractions are transformed for the occasion:
- "Metamorphose into a Cowardly": accompanied by a fearful pumpkin, go through the tunnel of fear. Can you keep your cool?
- "Le Manoir 2": try to escape from this unique and interactive escape game in which you will have to thwart the Count's traps! First "covid compatible" escape game where you can reveal clues without touching anything!
- "La Crypte": Do you dare to cross this obstacle course strewn with pitfalls?
- "Halloween Express": embark on a train journey to the land of nightmares
- "Le chemin des froussards": stroll through a mysterious alley entirely decorated in Halloween colors.
- "The Mysteries of the Park": embark on an astonishing treasure hunt to try to win gifts for the whole family
And like every year, you will also find a Halloween photo point and a photo contest and a superb decoration with pumpkins, cobwebs and scarecrows in the four corners of the Park!
The 17 / 10 / 2020 01 in / 11 / 2020
Stroll between the Old Rhine and the Grand Canal d'Alsace and discover what was the largest renaturation project in Europe.
Today, the Rhine Island is a mosaic of land and water spaces, very diverse and conducive to the development of biodiversity.
On the 100 hectares formerly dedicated to the cultivation of corn, a large-scale ecological renaturation has been carried out including the restoration of an arm of the river over more than seven kilometers, thus giving birth to a new river in Alsace. A set of natural, wet and dry environments has been restored and allows the maintenance or return of certain species of amphibians, birds and mammals.
The map of the walks is downloadable, the routes can be done on foot or by mountain bike. :
Circuit 10: "Grand tour of the island of the Rhine" of 12 km.
Circuit 9: 3,5 km "Petit-Rhin" to "Vieux-Rhin" path on the southern tip of the island. To do this little circuit of the renatured Rhine Island on foot only, the Access by car is via the Märkt dam, from the German side, so you have to cross the Palmrain cross-border bridge and take the street named "Alte Strasse" to the Märkt car park (see map).
Circuit 7: "Rhine escapades trail" 3,5 km north of the island. To discover the northern tip of the island and its pretty "Istein bar" made up of small rapids in the rocky bed of the Old Rhine, the circuit is accessible by Kembs-Loechlé.
The 20 / 08 / 2020 15 in / 11 / 2020

Exhibition of paintings produced by participants in the "Expressions of Art" workshops of the Marie Pire association, led by Myriam Baur, where everyone was able to choose a painting at the Sundgauvien Museum and reproduce it with their own sensitivity.

On the one hand, the original work signed by a painter such as Henner or Vormece, on the other, its copy revisited by one of the users of the Foyer d'Accueil Spécialisé or the Center d'Accueil de Jour d'Altkirch.

Let yourself be dazzled by the creativity and imagination of the artists.

The 01 / 10 / 2020 15 in / 11 / 2020

Lauriane Pujo offers you a “zero waste baby” workshop or how to reduce waste and save money when the baby arrives: washable diapers and wipes, food, eco-responsible toys and clothing, daily organization… A whole process to be invented!

>> Thursday 19 November from 18 p.m. to 30 p.m. at the MNS. Registration required before November 20th. 30 people. >> Participation: € 17 - member: € 15.

The 19 / 11 / 2020


The Sainte-Catherine Fair is the oldest agricultural fair in Alsace and therefore an unmissable event for all exhibitors, artisans and producers in the region and the surrounding area. It's simple, you can find everything there: textiles, local products, crafts, demonstrations, agricultural machinery, livestock, catering, music, ... a mine of good deals that lasts all day.

Events, competitions, catering are offered at every street corner. Easy and free parking, most of the market is in the pedestrian zone.

The 19 / 11 / 2020

New retirees?

Are you wondering about this change in life (health, housing, leisure, projects, etc.)?

Let's talk in a friendly atmosphere to start your retirement with confidence!

The 06 / 11 / 2020 20 in / 11 / 2020

The youth service of the CC Sundgau organizes from 5 October to 22 November 2020 a great treasure hunt in the town of Hirtzbach.

Two different routes are offered: the green course (5 kms) for families and the red course (9 kms) more sporty and suitable for bicycles.

Departing from Charles de Reinach Park, follow the green or red deer (depending on the route chosen) which will guide you throughout the walk and answer the various questions.

Form a sentence using the words “mystery” and answer a final question.

Click here to download game bulletins

Treasure hunts also available at the CC Sundgau (in Altkirch, Illfurth or Waldighoffen), at the town hall of Hirtzbach and at the entrance to Charles de Reinach park.

It's your turn !

The 05 / 10 / 2020 22 in / 11 / 2020

The community of communes is organizing with SM4 a project to plant fruit trees and hedges at the Pôle enfants jeunesse on November 25, 2020.

Introduction to discovery and environmental education workshop for toddlers, an initiative in partnership and supported by thee SM4 et Alsatian hedges.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

  • 15:30 p.m. Plantations
  • 18 p.m. Friendly time
  • 19:00 p.m. Conference with Jacques DETEMPLE from the association "Hurdles of Alsace" on the challenges of biodiversity, trees and local species ...

Registration for the site, compulsory, is free and must be made to SM4 by email:

The 25 / 11 / 2020
The associations of the town offer you their local products, Advent wreaths, mulled wine and hot chocolate, Christmas decorations and snacks, all in a musical atmosphere. Entertainment for children.
The 27 / 11 / 2020 29 in / 11 / 2020
  • Exhibition Between Ears, New Colors

    Exhibition Between Ears, New Colors

  • Exhibition Between Ears, New Colors

    Exhibition Between Ears, New Colors

Le CRAC Alsace is pleased to reopen the exhibition Between Ears, New Colors to the public from Tuesday July 7, 2020!

After several weeks of closure, the art center mediation team is happy to welcome you to the group exhibition Between Ears, New Colors, with Elena Narbutaite and Hagar Schmidhalter, and this under the required conditions (wearing of the mask, hydroalcoholic gel provided, maximum reception of 10 people, compliance with distancing measures).

The exhibition is open all summer at the usual hours from Tuesday to Sunday from 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.

The 07 / 07 / 2020 10 in / 01 / 2021
  • The Grotto with Fireflies

    The Grotto with Fireflies

  • Daytime village

    Daytime village

In this new space, dedicated to the most famous of magicians, visitors to the Lucioles Cave in Altkirch will be able to discover sets inspired by JK Rowling's books and movies of the saga: the Diagon Alley, the magic shops, the magic room and many other surprises!

This is the most tedious decor ever made in Altkirch, requiring more than 10 months of work, the meticulous details of which will surely surprise you.

For this 2020-2021 season, the Cave of the Fireflies of Altkirch has been given a makeover: new settings are being installed in the second part of the world of Harry Potter: discover the Diagon Alley and many other surprises! In addition, all the windows will be animated for visitors and presented at the same times as the cave.

Admission to the nearby train world exhibition is free. Take the opportunity to take a family walk there when you have a little free time! The exhibition on the world of trains has also grown considerably; it has now left rue des Boulangers to move to Place des 3 Rois with a new, entirely refurbished model decor.

To get your own opinion on this extraordinary place, do not hesitate to take a tour on the opening dates and times during the Advent period.

  • Open every day from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m.
  • Open on December 24, December 25, December 26, December 31 and January 1 at the same times

The 22 / 11 / 2020 10 in / 01 / 2021
Stuwa is a contemporary art trail that presents 23 works located in public spaces and spread over 21 Sundgau municipalities.
The Stuwa was the living room of the traditional Sundgauvian house. It is in this place of gathering and exchanges that the language, the tales, the history and the cuisine, in short the culture of the territory, were forged and shared.
Each work contributes to the renewal of our look on the environment, nature thanks to the sensitive and original interpretation of the Sundgauvien territory by the invited artists.
These works of art come from a selection of local and national artists proposed by the exhibition curator of the association COAL, art and sustainable development.
Altkirch and surroundings
The 01 / 01 / 2018 31 in / 12 / 2021
  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

Discover the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette in the mobile application "On the Treasure Trail of Alsace"! Free, available on iPhone and Android, this fun application lists many tourist and recreational routes in the four corners of Alsace.

With the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette, find your way thanks to the indications given over the stages, answer the questions, reconstruct important pieces on the screen of your smartphone ... To find treasures and perhaps, get a reward at the end of the game! Discover this small medieval town nestled in the first foothills of the Alsatian Jura ... This city with a prestigious past will charm you with its narrow and romantic paths that lead to the haughty ruins of the castle of Ferrette and the famous Cave of the Dwarfs!

To download the application, several possibilities: directly in the appstore or PlayStore of your smartphone or tablet (search for "On the trail of Alsace treasures" and download the application), or on the browser of your mobile by typing the link

(then download the application).

So it's up to you!
The 01 / 09 / 2020 31 in / 12 / 2025
  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

  • The World of Model Trains

    The World of Model Trains

Come and discover a universe between real and imaginary! Dream scenery, steam trains and many more ... magnificent little trains.

The 22 / 11 / 2020 31 in / 12 / 2025

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