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You are welcome to Morimont to party, and dance to the sounds of blues, rock, boogie and all that swing !

This swing festival is organized by the association Lab M for the second edition.

The idea: meet up with a few hundred quiet enthusiasts in an old barn lost in the Alsatian hills to dance night and day thanks to our wonderful musicians who came (sometimes) from (very) far to make us vibrate!

We take advantage of being together to explore this place ofpermacultural initiatives, to eat local, raw and / or vegan, drink potions concocted with love, picnicking the old-fashioned way and walking in the forest…

Full program and prices on

The 29 / 05 / 2020 01 in / 06 / 2020
Come and integrate a space for discussion and discussion without judgments, an approach of exploration and questioning about the meaning of things and life (not a philosophy course), in a friendly place open to all.

Facilitated by Sandrine LOURENCO, animator having gone through the SEVE training.
Monthly meeting from 19:30 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. at the MJC Foyer.
Upon registration at the MJC, 4 euros per session / Adults adhering to the MJC.
The 02 / 06 / 2020
Day trip: Blochmont - Mariastein. 4h30 hike, 16 km and 150 m elevation, for trained walkers.
Meal from the bag - Registration required before May 31st at Pierre & Paulette Rey on 05 06 04 47 41/11 03 89 40 73 /
The 03 / 06 / 2020
From May to October, every first Friday of the month, the Durmenach History Society invites you to an aperitif Firoba, to end the week under the Régio Halle André Zundel in Durmenach. Come and have a drink, taste a flambé pie, redo the world with friends.
The 05 / 06 / 2020
By bike, going up the Largue Valley by the cycle path with Philippe Lacourt and Marc Glotz.

On the program: the history of the Dannemarie-Pfetterhouse-Bonfol railway line, the heritage of villages and trades of yesteryear.
The 13 / 06 / 2020

Audrey Petit, energy advisor of the Alter Alsace Energie association, offers you a bike ride to discover the renewable energies and ecological habitats of the territory.

Each participant must have a working bike (mountain bike or hybrid bike) and an appropriate outfit.

Registration on 03 89 50 06 20 or by email at before June 12

The 13 / 06 / 2020
IRON CROSSTRI adult race in 3 rounds
lRON CHALLENGE: young race in 2 rounds
IRON GENERATION: 1 adult, 1 minor, duo
The 14 / 06 / 2020

Florian Morgen takes you along the Largue in search of butterflies that brighten up the vegetation.

With a net, you will search in the tall grass and on the plants for these delicate insects and try to catch them to see them up close, find their names and release them soon after.

Appointment communicated at registration. Registration required before June 12. 9 people.

The 14 / 06 / 2020
Oltingue - Big Oak - Three Ponds ...

3h30 walk, 11 km with a vertical drop of 250m - without any particular difficulty.
Meals under cover, taken from the bag (drinks and desserts available on site).

Registration compulsory before 23/06 with N. Doppler: 06 45 04 78 80, J. Brunner: 06 04 06 96 81 or G. Kayser: 06 85 42 40 69
The 25 / 06 / 2020

If each era has been able to define genre and style, it must be admitted that the multiplicity of artistic means of production today, their all-out dissemination through unlimited communication tools, are causing trouble and losing many of our benchmarks, for the best and the worst.

The best is boundless creativity and freedom, an unprecedented exchange between genres and styles, the worst is a fragmentation of a culture that is becoming largely consumerist, perhaps a loss of universality, which brought together the generations.

Without pretending to respond to these issues, at least the students and teachers, musicians, dancers and actors, will be keen to question them, by mixing genres and styles, from rebirth to electronics.

Reservations with the EMS: 03 89 40 66 93


With the participation of the Longevity Music School (Strabsourg)

The 26 / 06 / 2020

That morning, Michel, passionate about jazz, has just found a rare album and plans to listen to it quietly. It doesn't ask for much: just an hour of peace.

But the whole world seems to have decided otherwise: his wife would like to speak to him, his son arrives unexpectedly, his neighbor knocks on the door ... Even his mistress would like to take stock with him ... Manipulator, liar, tooth puller, Michel is ready to do anything to have peace. But it will take a lot of energy so that this sweet morning does not turn into a real nightmare ...

From 10 years

Text from Florian Zeller

Directed by: Timothy Kriegel

The 27 / 06 / 2020
p> The association “Ferrette la Médiévale” is pleased to announce the return of the great medieval festival of Ferrette in 2020
This new version of the festival is rooted in its origins and its history. Indeed, born in 1996 this festival has been enriched and improved during 10 editions until 2014 for the great joy of a public more and more numerous
After 6 years of absence come and discover Ferrette and its new medieval festival
Camps in the city and at the castle will make you relive the life of men-at-arms and small people in the Middle Ages the market will make you discover or rediscover the trades of yesteryear.
Minstrels, troubadours, jugglers and acrobats will brighten up your stay.
The taverns will offer you delicious dishes and drinks that will satisfy your hunger and thirst

The nail

You can attend the fantastic knightly show specially concocted for this edition

"The return of Gauthier"

Gauthier de Moustier, Count of Ferrette left for the crusades in the hope of returning Christians to the holy places near Jerusalem discovers on the spot a civilization very different from the bunch of unbelieving uncultivated ones he expected.
After a few months spent on the spot, he falls in love not only with the region, but also with the beautiful Shéhérazade (yes that of the tale of a thousand and one nights)
Unfortunately his father, who stayed in his dear Sundgau, fell seriously ill.
Having learned this, Gauthier cannot help but take the return trip. After much hesitation, Shéhérazade decides to follow him accompanied by a series of servants, cooks, seamstresses but also scientists.
Lacaravane formed of these two groups sets off and embarks on this journey
Different customs and customs will be questioned on this journey until his arrival at Ferrette.
This spectacle of approximately one hour accessible to all audiences, built partly on historical facts but also on legends, immerses the spectator in a half real half fantastic atmosphere by mixing chivalry (with the participation of professional stuntmen) and arts of circus.

The icing on the cake

The Ferrette site has been selected by the ADT to play an ephemeral animation, real sound and light that will set fire to the ruins of the castle of Ferrette.
This fifteen minute show will be performed Friday and Saturday evening at the end of the festival.
A procession starting from the show area, will lead the public of the city to the first castle, in the front row to immerse themselves in this show.

In addition to the medieval festival,

Youth activities:
The show allows us to welcome artists and professionals from the equestrian and circus arts. Discovering their talent at the show is good, but why not share it with those who want to know more?

In order to introduce the equestrian arts as well as the circus arts to the inhabitants of Sundgau (young and old) by these passionate professionals, initiation sessions will be organized in the days preceding the show (dates to be confirmed).
These sessions will take place at the former Don Bosco colony (at a crossroads).

Did you say Handicap?

This show takes on an inclusive dimension for people with disabilities. Indeed, in partnership with a day reception establishment (SAJ) of the ADAPB68 association of Mulhouse, an artist's residence will be held at Don Bosco with a group of SAJ residents. Hosted by d
These professionals of the cetteresidence show will prepare a skit part of the chivalry show and which will be played in all performances.

Opening Friday evening 19 p.m.

Closed Sunday 18 p.m.

Chivalry shows: Friday 20:30 p.m., Saturday 15:20 p.m. and 30:15 p.m., Sunday XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Processions: Friday evening 22 p.m., Saturday evening 22 p.m.

Sound and light at the chateau at the arrival of the procession: Friday evening 22:45 p.m., Saturday evening 22:45 p.m.

For more information, contact @

The 26 / 06 / 2020 28 in / 06 / 2020
  • National Mill Day: Renaissance Concert

    National Mill Day: Renaissance Concert

  • Grinding demonstration

    Grinding demonstration

span style = "font-size: 8pt;">Art exhibition on the theme of the tree

  • Huguette GENTNER
  • Thierry WALGER

Activities: grinding demonstrations, bluterie…

Concert (from 15h) :

"Trees in music, Breaths and winds Renaissance »

DOUBLE-SIDED SET, on historic instruments

* Véronique BOURIN, soprano

* Marie GARNIER-MARZULLO, book cornet, flute

* Rémi CASSAIGNE, lute, guitar

A clear and charming voice, two rare instruments, three accomplices artists…

Offered by the Double Face ensemble, a concert of Renaissance songs and dances with poems, where artists explore the combination of the horn and the voice - the most beautiful instrument ever invented! - accompanied by the rich sounds and rhythms of the lute and the guitar! Three artists happy to share with you their passion, new colors to discover, fantasy, charm and enthusiasm!

The 28 / 06 / 2020

The Maison de la Nature du Sundgau, Trésors de Ferrette and Alsace Nature is offering this year “nature and heritage” outings combining both the discovery of the natural and built heritage of the Alsatian Jura. Accompanied by Roland Vogel and Dominique Oesterlé, you will discover at the same time the Melampyre of the fields and the history of the ramparts of the castle, the Epipactis and the history of Jeanne de Ferrette.

RDV parking of the former Community of municipalities in Ferrette.

Registration required before June 26. 9 people.

The 28 / 06 / 2020
As part of the Regional Book Fair, the town of Illfurth is organizing a news competition for people over 18! The theme: “Olympic Games” This competition is endowed with attractive prizes and is open to all, the texts submitted must be unpublished and comply with all the points of the regulations.
The rules and the registration form can be obtained from the Illfurth municipal library, the Mille-Feuille bookshop-café in Altkirch or the Sundgau Tourist Office in Altkirch.
To your pens, pencils, keyboards!

“Let’s remember that a short story is a generally short and intense fiction presenting a limited number of characters and a plot tending towards an unexpected or surprising, even fantastic, ending. "
The 01 / 02 / 2020 30 in / 06 / 2020
Come and discover a photo exhibition of light painting, proposed by Pierre HASSENBOEHLER, solargraphy, collage, cyanotopes.

Meet at the premises of the MJC in Altkirch from March 30 to June 30, 2020, during the opening hours of the MJC to the public - Free entry

The 06 / 04 / 2020 30 in / 06 / 2020
Do you want to get involved in the Maison de la Nature? Give your opinion on future developments? Learn ecological maintenance techniques for natural spaces? Plant, sow, paint, live a friendly moment with the other volunteers and the employees of the Maison de la Nature? This year, the Maison de la Nature invites you to take part in voluntary site maintenance work around the buildings one Wednesday per month, and to share a meal for a convivial moment after work.

To organize your participation as well as possible, please notify yourself in advance on 03 89 08 07 50.

The 01 / 07 / 2020
Courageous, resistant, traveling, wild plants are now everywhere in our villages, our courtyards, our gardens.
Calamity for some, opportunity for others, the end of the use of herbicides in public spaces is gradually changing the urban landscape.
The Maison de la Nature invites you this year to celebrate weeds with it for a whole week.

Balade contée d’Emmanuelle Filippi sur le thème des fleurs sauvages. A partir de 5 ans.

RDV à 14h15 à la médiathèque d’Altkirch. Inscription obligatoire avant le 29 juin. 30 personnes.
The 01 / 07 / 2020
  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

Discover the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette in the mobile application "On the Treasure Trail of Alsace"! Free, available on iPhone and Android, this fun application lists many tourist and recreational routes in the four corners of Alsace.

With the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette, find your way thanks to the indications given over the stages, answer the questions, reconstruct important pieces on the screen of your smartphone ... To find treasures and perhaps, get a reward at the end of the game! Discover this small medieval town nestled in the first foothills of the Alsatian Jura ... This city with a prestigious past will charm you with its narrow and romantic paths that lead to the haughty ruins of the castle of Ferrette and the famous Cave of the Dwarfs!

To download the application, several possibilities: directly in the appstore or PlayStore of your smartphone or tablet (search for "On the trail of Alsace treasures" and download the application), or on the browser of your mobile by typing the link

(then download the application).

So it's up to you!
The 01 / 01 / 2014 01 in / 12 / 2020
Stuwa is a contemporary art trail that presents 23 works located in public spaces and spread over 21 Sundgau municipalities.
The Stuwa was the living room of the traditional Sundgauvian house. It is in this place of gathering and exchanges that the language, the tales, the history and the cuisine, in short the culture of the territory, were forged and shared.
Each work contributes to the renewal of our look on the environment, nature thanks to the sensitive and original interpretation of the Sundgauvien territory by the invited artists.
These works of art come from a selection of local and national artists proposed by the exhibition curator of the association COAL, art and sustainable development.
Altkirch and surroundings
The 01 / 01 / 2018 31 in / 12 / 2020

Until its reopening, CRAC Alsace offers you an online Windows program (18 rue du Château) * and gives you an appointment every week to discover a film, a text or a contribution by artists and authors · S that make up the past, present and future of the art center.

Find out on

From May 13, 2020, we invite you to read Body-trace, body-space: first observations on a Caribbean educational exploration of the body and opacity (2019), an essay by Minia Biabiany.

During the summer of 2019, Minia Biabiany produced the installation at the art center Who will live will see, Who will die will know for group exhibition The day of the spirits is our night. She then finished writing the text in Spanish Body-trace, body-space: first observations on a Caribbean educational exploration of the body and opacity, originally published by the Mexican contemporary art magazine Terremoto for its number 15, Cuerpo pólvora, edited with Lorena Tabares Salamanca. We offer an original translation of the text in French accompanied by its English version.

The 06 / 05 / 2020 31 in / 12 / 2020

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