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Things to do

The green Sundgau area in spring
The green Sundgau area in spring

Did you say ''green tourism''? The term seems to have been invented for the Sundgau area. Green for meadows and ponds, forests and mountains. Green for the spirit of discovery that guides visitors through unspoilt nature. Green as a shining promise of great days to live and enjoy sharing.
From plains to montains, miles of signposted paths and trails are on offer to encounter the beauty of the Jura range and Sundgau valleys. 

To horse!
To horse!

You can also find bike paths and trails crossing the region. Pedal up hill and down dale.
Equestrian centres and hostels are open to a wide public, whether experienced or beginner riders. To horse! and onward through the meadows and undergrowth!
On the Rhine-Rhone canal pleasure boats stop at the Dannemarie - Wolfersdorf aquatic inn. This is the Sundgau by water.