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On the water

The Sundgau is known for its countless ponds, more than a thousand are said to be. Figure probably exaggerated because nobody really knows the exact number of these small bodies of water, often shallow, and the oldest of which date back to the XNUMXth century. It is said that it was the Cistercian monks of Lucelle abbey who favored their establishment to raise carp there. Today, the vast majority of them are private or managed by fishing associations where carp remains queen!

The Sundgau is also crossed by the Rhone-Rhine canal, which welcomes some boaters finding refuge at the nautical relay of Wolfersdorf, a small bucolic haven of peace that gives a little seaside air in the heart of the Sundgau. You don't have a boat, so you can cycle along the canal quietly thanks to the greenway that adjoins it…

The Sundgau has three swimming pools, in Ferrette, Altkirch and Tagolsheim, renovated, attractive facilities, two of which have wellness areas with sauna and hammam.

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