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Did you say "green tourism"? The expression seems to have been coined for Sundgau.
Green for its meadows and ponds, forests and mountains.
Green for the spirit of discovery that guides visitors through unspoiled nature. Green, finally, as a promise of good times to live, of pleasure to share.

From the plain to the mountain, kilometers of marked paths and trails will be offered to you to discover all the beauties of jurassian massif and the Sundgauvian valleys.

Also find the cycle paths and routes crisscrossing the region. Pedal over hills and valleys.

Equestrian centers and relays are open to a large public, experienced riders or beginners. On horseback! and forward in the meadows and undergrowth!

On the Rhône-Rhine canal, pleasure boats stop at the nautical relay in Dannemarie - Wolfersdorf. This is the Sundgau over the water.


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