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Sundgau, a paradise for cycling

The country of the hills between Jura, plain of the Rhine and Vosges. This is how is defined the Sundgau today, with the western limit of the watershed line, the historical border of the Germanic and Romance languages. This authentic territory offers 9 marked trails and described within an available guide at the Tourist Offices of Altkirch and Ferrette.

Let yourself be led through the tight mesh of villages where only a few kilometers separate one bell tower from another; a few turns of the pedals are enough to change the point of view and the terrain of discovery.

Small, calm and winding roads link the different stages of each route. Routes through the Sundgau sometimes take a step back from the inhabited areas, taking cycle paths recently fitted out along the route of a towpath, a Roman road or old railroads.

The Sundgau, a true paradise for cycling!


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