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Hiking with a donkey

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Do you like hiking with a donkey? Discover the hidden treasures of the Bouxwiller forest with the donkeys Pépite, Nutmeg and Bergamot! Several dates are offered in the summer season where you will be accompanied by a facilitator for a ride followed by tasting of farm products. It is also possible to hire donkeys all year round for a ride.
Hike with a donkey or put your kids on a donkey!
As a family, as a couple, or even alone, browse the Sundgau and the Alsatian Jura accompanied by a sweet and endearing donkey that will carry your luggage and also tired children. After getting to know your fellow traveler and acquiring the basic knowledge of building, you have the adventure and the discovery of the routes that we have prepared for you.


- 1 hour "Kids on donkey back" for children
- 1 day of hiking on prepared routes
- 2 days on prepared routes
- 2 to several days or weeks - hike à la carte, individual planning

Whatever your choice of hike, we will provide departure support that will familiarize you with the donkey and its equipment. Our prices also include the necessary equipment (pack and bags - map and compass - emergency kit - barbecue grill…). All our donkeys have received solid training and experience in hiking.

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