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Fishing in a pond

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Site made up of two ponds located at the exit of the village in the direction of Sternenberg. Fishing for trout, carp, tench, pike,

roach, sturgeon (to be released). No-kill fishing allowed. Several night fishing throughout the year.

Opening periods : Opening of the trout at the beginning of March. General opening from Easter Monday to the end of January.

Day pass : 10 € to be collected on site

Annual card : 65 € to be collected on site

Opening days : Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and Wednesday from May 1 to September 25.

Fishing hours : from sunrise to sunset no later than 21:00 p.m.

Possibility to eat on site. meal from 8 to 10 € including starter + main course + dessert

Thief mats

The three "Birryhof" ponds (130 ares, 40 ares and 6 ares) are located between Vieux-Ferrette and Durmenach. They depend on the Waldighoffen APP.

Opening of fishing :
- from Easter Monday to January 31 for annual cards (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For pike, open only from October.
- from July 1 to September 30 for day passes (and only Sundays)

Day pass (carp only) : € 10 in no kill and € 15 for a carp - Children under 10: free
Annual card at 80 €.

Fishing possible with a day pass only on Sundays in July, August and September from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. 

Card to take at the cottage before fishing

Personal fishing equipment essential.

The Seppois-le-Bas fishing pond is managed by the Haut-Sundgau Fishing and Leisure Association (President: Mr. Honoré CACHET).
This 86 ares pond is an ideal place for people wishing to fish in the heart of nature.

- day pass: € 12 issued by the Fishery Guard on site.

- annual card: € 90 issued by the Sundgau Tourist Office or from the Association.
A signed parental authorization is required to obtain an annual youth card.

Opening periods: - from May 1 to December 31

Fishing authorized on Wednesday (only in NO-KILL for annual cards), Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
The “Chez Philippe” fishing pond is an ideal place for people wishing to fish in a good mood. This place offers a wooden shelter designed to accommodate people wanting to picnic and chat. The person in charge of the pond occasionally offers fishing events and competitions.
Possibility of fishing with a day pass to be paid and collected on site (up to 3 lines): € 15
Fishing on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at sunrise and during the week by appointment depending on the availability of the person responsible for the pond. Prevent beforehand at
Consult the regulations on site or on the pond's Facebook site: https: //

Pond of 2200 m2 located in the heart of the village for carp fishing.

Annual card : 35 € / ad for a line and 18 € / child under 11 for a line.

Day pass : 4 € / ad and 2 € / child for a line. Card to be collected from Mr REINHART Eric.

Fishing hours : ½ hour before until ½ hour after sunset

Opening periods : from April to the end of November

Opening days : everyday.

Full payment on site.


Located between Heimersdorf and Bisel, this pond of nearly 2 Ha, isolated from the hustle and bustle, offers you the opportunity to fish for carp and predators.

Annual card to collect on site: 60 €


Opening days : the whole week

Opening period : communicated during payment 

Carp and predator map : 120 € / adult 

70 € for carp ou predators

Full payment on site. No-kill fishing and barbless hooks. Permanence on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to buy the cards. 


Contact us preferably via Facebook By clicking on this link !


The 48 ares municipal pond in Ferrette invites you to come and fish in a pleasant setting on the heights of the city. Re-naturalized by the town of Ferrette and maintained by APE du Haut-Sundgau, this pond today presents a quality biotope. 

Day passes are available from the tourist office.

  • Day pass: € 12 from 16 years old 
  • Day pass: € 5 up to 16 years old
  • annual card (contact Honoré Cachet on 03 89 08 96 67 or Yves Waeckerli on 03 89 40 88 84: from € 90 to € 5 depending on age. A completed and signed parental authorization is required for annual youth cards). 

Fishing allowed every day of the week with a day pass. Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays with the annual card. Fishing in  no-kill on Wednesday only concerns annual cards.



The Courtavon Water Plan, a natural gem in the heart of Sundgau!

In the Alsatian Jura, the Courtavon lake is a pleasant place which extends over nearly 29 ha, including 17 ha for No kill fishing. It is managed by an Intercommunal Syndicate representing fourteen owner villages for the leisure area part and by the fishing federation 68 for the fishing activity. 
Water where many species of fish live. The carp can be seen rising to the surface just in front of the pontoon.

Many activities are offered during the summer season: 
- Fishing via an annelle fishing card. 
- Walks in a peaceful setting: around the lake in 30 minutes for 2 km and two other walking circuits of 5 and 4,8 km marked out by the Vosges club.

The site is accessible to people with reduced mobility. A large car park is located at the front of the lake. Access is free throughout the year. 

Regarding fishing, the "fishing warden" lives in the chalet located to the right of the pond. Open only via an annual fishing license. Contact the Haut-Rhin Fishing Federation on 03 89 60 64 74 or on 


Carp and trout fishing. 


Opening period : April 1 to December 31

Opening time : 7 a.m. to 20 p.m. depending on the month (see fishing regulations)

Opening days : Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Annual card : €60

Day pass : €10

> 1/2 price for children under 16: €30


Payment on site.


Small pond located in the middle of nature in a bucolic setting. 

Opening of trout fishing from April 7th.

Fishing licenses are available at the pond chalet.

Day pass: 10 € only for carp. From May 1. 

Annual card: 55 € / adult and 30 € / child. Allows you to fish for carp, predators and trout.

Opening days:

  • trout and predators on Sundays and public holidays
  • carp: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Fishing hours 8 a.m. - 18 p.m.

Full payment on site. Open almost all year round except during frost periods.

  • Pond of the Ried

    Pond of the Ried

If you are interested in fishing in a friendly and warm atmosphere, then the Etang du Ried is for you.
Site composed of 3 ponds for a total area of ​​2,30 Ha.

- Day pass: Only in NO-KILL € 10 per day; 2 carp at 25 € per day, from May 29.

For members: 3 carps per day of fishing, from May 29.

For trout: the number of daily catches is limited to 4 trout; Bream and Glardons are limited to 20 catches per day and fishing for pole and tench is closed.

Opening days: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from March 31, 2019. Closure depending on the weather according to display at the pond.
Person in charge: Mr. Matthieu Heyer

Pond of 48 acres of water located on the edge of the forest. Fry of 500 kg of carp, 50 kg of pike and pikeperch and 100 kg of trout.
Fishing chalet, barbecue, equipped kitchen on site. Possibility to rent the chalet (70 seats) for private parties.

Annual card : 60 €
Day pass : € 10 to be collected on site.

Opening periods:
- carp from the 1st Sunday of April to October 31,
- predator: from September 1 to February 28.

Opening days : Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The Lutter pond is located straddling two municipalities, Suarce and Saint-Ulrich, but also in two regions, Alsace and Franche-Comté.
Covering an area of ​​more than 3 ha, the body of water is crossed by the Lutter in its middle.

General opening period: from mid-March to mid-October.

Predator opening period: mid-January to end of December

Fishing hours: variable depending on the season
Regulations and additional information on site or on the website.

2019 Rates
- Single carp membership card: € 50
- Full membership card: € 75 Single carp membership (from March 16 to October 13) + carnivorous supplement (from January 6 to December 22)
- Day pass: € 10 (from March 17 to October 14)
- Carnivorous day pass: € 15 (from January 6 to March 13 and from October 16 to December 22)
- NO-KILL day pass: € 10 (from January 7 to March 13 and from October 16 to December 22)

Our pond is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and public holidays during the fishing period.
Saint Ulrich

Covering an area of ​​nearly 40 ares, this pond offers you to fish for carp and trout depending on the season.

Opening : every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Day pass : € 10 (allows you to fish 5 trout or 2 carp), to be collected on site.

Opening period :

- trout fishing from the beginning of March until the end of May

- carp fishing from May 1 until the end of September.

Various events, trout fishing day, get information.

home districts

Pond of 1 Ha located in a natural and forest setting on the tourist route towards Suarce.

Opening periods :
- Carnivorous open all year round except for periods of frost and in February - March.
- Carp, tench, blanchaille: open from the 2nd Sunday in April until the 2nd Sunday in September.

Annual card : 60 €
Day pass : 10 €
Map available from President Éric Garneret 9 rue des Étangs at UEBERSTRASS, tel 03 89 25 63 07 or 06 08 99 99 76; mail

Opening days : Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays. Wednesday only for annual cards and day passes but accompanied by a member.

Opening time : half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.

Numerous events and night fishing, consult the site.


Pond of nearly 1,6 Ha which accommodates carp, tench, pikeperch, roach, pike and trout.

Day trout fishing on Easter Monday.

Fishing opens the following Saturday until November 1 for carp and until the end of February for pike.

Open days: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 7 a.m. to 18 p.m. (in June until 20 p.m., in July-August until 21 p.m.)

Day passes: 10 € 

Full rules posted on site.

Annual card at the rate of 40 € (15 € from 12 to 16 years old, 5 € under 12 years old accompanied by an adult up to date of the annual card)

Chavannes sur l'Etang

The Balschwiller APPMA site is made up of a pond where carp, trout, sturgeon, bream and whitefish are caught. 

Opening periods :

- Trout day on Easter Monday

- Opening of the carp on Sunday after Easter Monday

- June / July and August, fishing will be authorized on Tuesday and Thursday in NO KILL (daily permit for non-card holders)

Opening days :

- For members on Sundays after the first trout day and Sundays before Easter weekend

- Wednesday-Saturday-Sunday and public holidays Sunday after Easter Monday

- Monday / Friday and first Saturday of the month the pond is closed

Day pass :

- From Sunday after Easter Monday until the end of September at the price of 10 € to be collected on site

Annual card : 60 €

Fishing hours : from sunrise to sunset. Consult the ephemeris posted at the chalet

Rules posted at the chalet to be consulted before any fishing action

- No Kill fishing allowed

- Possibility to rent the chalet 150 €


NO KILL daily fishing card to be collected on site.

Price : 10 € / day

Opening periods:

- in NO KILL: from June 1 to September 30
- annual card: from the end of March to Christmas. Pike and large trout from October

Opening days : Wednesdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Annual card at the rate of
- 80 € full price
- 40 € for women
- 30 € for teenagers from 14 to 16 years old
- € 20 for children under 14

Fishing hours: from 7 p.m. to 18 p.m.

Full payment on site


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