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Call for Tender - Signage for Soft Mobility

The territory of Sundgau located in the south of Alsace has:

  • A mountain bike area made up of 33 circuits marked and labeled by the French Cycling Federation 
  • 9 marked cycle routes and 3 cycle routes including EuroVélo6 which crosses the territory from west to east
  • 55 walking circuits marked out by the Vosges clubs

This entire offer is promoted through the publication of various maps and topoguides available in the offices of the Sundgau Tourist Office.

The tourist signage for these soft forms of mobility (cycling, mountain biking and hiking) is however incomplete and heterogeneous in the territory of Sundgau. Based on this observation, the Tourist Office wishes to carry out a project with the ambition of:

  • Mark and identify the entrances to the territory of the three main cycle paths
  • To complete the welcome panels (RIS) which present the 9 cycling circuits, the 33 mountain biking circuits and the 55 hiking circuits.

Hiking, a strong axis of the territory's tourist offer, recently saw the publication of a new map presenting 55 marked routes throughout the Sundgau territory. This project wants to propose, at the start of each of these official loops of the Vosges Sundgauvian clubs, a welcome panel which presents the circuit.

The project is deployed in two communities of municipalities: CC Sundgau and CC Sud Alsace Largue.

You will find below the documents that will allow you to respond to our Invitation to Tender.

- Download the Book of special administrative clauses

- Download the Book of specific technical clauses

- Download the Consultation Rules

- Download the Price Schedule


This tender ends on April 11, 2022 at 18:00 p.m.

For further information, please contact the Sundgau Tourism Office.

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