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Map and Topoguide of the Sundgau mountain biking area

These two documents, sold for € 5 each, present the 33 signposted mountain bike trails in the Sundgau mountain bike area.

Map - Sundgau mountain biking area

Price of 5 €

At 1: 33 scale, the Sundgau mountain bike map presents the 000 mountain bike trails. Published on tear-proof paper, it will follow you everywhere, in all weather conditions and for a long time! The document contains the technical data of each circuit (distance, difficulty, height difference, place of departure) as well as a brief presentation of the routes. Available in three languages, it offers, in addition to the signposted routes, the possibility of adapting your itinerary because it presents a degree of detail equivalent to a scale of 33: 1 and all the existing paths without forgetting the Club pedestrian signposting Vosges.

Guidebook - Sundgau mountain biking area

Price of 5 € 

In pocket format, this guidebook presents in detail each of the 33 circuits of the Sundgau mountain bike area. Produced in collaboration with Marc GLOTZ, it highlights the tourist sites, anecdotes and stories of Sundgau and is essential for those who wish to discover this land of tales and legends.


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