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 Sundgau mountain biking area, South Alsace

CR: the Bitten
CR: the Bitten

The Sundgau mountain biking area consists of 33 circuits and a large 152 km loop: the MTB TDS.

Sundgau is a favorite land for mountain biking. Very varied environments make it possible to offer family and sports circuits.

To the south, the Alsatian Jura, the mountainous part of the Sundgau, presents a contrasting relief that will delight experienced mountain bikers eager for sensations and uneven.

Conversely, the Ill and Largue valleys will delight families with adapted and pleasant routes. This mountain biking area, with 33 routes, is labeled by the Federation French cycle touring.

Discover la map of routes.

Order the carte or guidebooks of the VTT domain. 

Please note, the starting point of the routes in Ferrette is no longer the Tourist Office but at the branch of the Comunauté de Communes Sundgau located 3a route de Lucelle à Ferrette!

These routes are also visible on our partner's website, the Utagawa blog

 The circuits

CR: the Bitten
CR: the Bitten

With 33 circuits and more than 700 km of signposted mountain bike routes, the Sundgau mountain bike area is the largest in Alsace. He understands:

- 5 tracks green: very easy circuits of less than 10km on beautiful paths, suitable for families and beginners.
- 15 tracks blue: easy circuits from 11 to 22 km. 
- 9 tracks red: difficult circuits which require good mountain biking skills.  
- 4 tracks Black: very difficult circuits which combine steep elevations and long distances.
- a large loop, the Sundgau Mountain Bike Tour, of 152 km to be carried out over 2/3 days.

Topoguides and a detailed map of the 33 circuits are available at the Sundgau Tourist Office in Altkirch or Ferrette. Ask for them on 03 89 08 23 88 or by email, they can be sent to you by mail. Topoguide at 5 € and shipping costs.

Discover and download the route map.

 The Guidebooks

Mountain biking guidebook of Sundgau
Mountain biking guidebook of Sundgau

In pocket format, these topoguides present in detail each of the 33 circuits of the domain. Produced in collaboration with Marc GLOTZ, they highlight the tourist sites, anecdotes and stories of Sundgau and are essential for those wishing to discover this land of tales and legend.

Sold in the offices of the Tourist Office of Altkirch and Ferrette at a price of 5 €.
Sending by mail possible.

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 The mountain bike map

With the markup of the Club Vosgien
Map of the Sundgau mountain biking area

At 1: 33 scale, the mountain bike map du Sundgau presents the 33 mountain bike trails. Published on tear-proof paper, it will follow you everywhere, in all weather conditions and for a long time!

The document contains the technical data of each circuit (distance, difficulty, height difference, place of departure) as well as a brief presentation of the routes.

Available in three languages, it offers, in addition to the signposted routes, the possibility of adapting your itinerary because it presents a degree of detail equivalent to a scale of 1: 25, including all of the existing paths without forgetting the Club's pedestrian signposting. Vosges. 

Sold in the Sundgau Tourist Office offices in Ferrette and Altkirch at a price of € 5.

Sending by mail possible.

To order the card: click here


Please note, the starting point of the routes in Ferrette is no longer the Tourist Office but at the branch of the Comunauté de Communes Sundgau located 3a route de Lucelle à Ferrette!

Download GPX files for your GPS

No. Circuits Distance Elevation  Download GPX

From the Sundgau Community of Communes in Ferrette

 1  The Bergwald tour 16.5 km 290m GPX file
 2  The circuit of Saint Brice 30 km 520m GPX file
 3  In the heart of the Alsatian Jura 40 km 820m GPX file
 4  The Rossberg tour 20 km 460m GPX file
 5  In the land of sources 35 km 875m GPX file
 6  In the footsteps of Lucelle abbey 42 km 1150m GPX file
 7  The circuit of the two castles 42.5 km 925m GPX file

From the entrance to the village of Koestlach

 8  The Way of St. James 10.5 km 90m GPX file
 9  Grumbach circuit 20 km 215m GPX file
10 The foothills of the Jura 22 km 280m GPX file
11 The Ill valley 28 km 420m GPX file

From the Hirsingue sports complex

12 The Willerbach circuit 13 km 140m GPX file
13 The Roman road 16.5 km 235m GPX file
14 The Thalbach valley 25 km 350m GPX file
15 The Talrain forest 30.5 km 530m GPX file
16 In the land of ponds 22 km 280m GPX file
17 The vanished village of Rossburn 35 km 460m GPX file
18 The Feldbach circuit 26 km 330m GPX file
33 The Buergerwald tour 20.5 km 360m GPX file

From Friesen Bike Park

19 The stork tour 9 km 130m GPX file
20 Along the Largue 11.5 km 180m GPX file
21 The pilgrimage route 15.5 km 210m GPX file
22 The Largue valley 22 km 260m GPX file
23 The 3 powers terminal 31 km 380m GPX file

From the Porte d'Alsace sector

24 The Porte d'Alsace 19.5 km 125m GPX file
25 The two Traubach 20 km 195m GPX file
26 The Traubach valley 15 km 215m GPX file
27 The Steinbach valley 11 km 150m GPX file
28 Ballersdorf tour 25 km 365m GPX file
29 In the footsteps of JJ Henner 10 km 60m GPX file
30 Around Eglingen 6.5 km 56m GPX file

From the Tagolsheim swimming pool

31 The Rebberg Tour 16.5 km 250m GPX file
32 The Grand Canon circuit 20.5 km 360m GPX file

      The Sundgau Mountain Bike Tour ( MTB TDS) - 152 km - 2565m drop - GPX file

These GPX tracks cover the circuits of the Sundgau mountain bike area. However, at times, they take different paths due to forestry work, change of use of a path, etc.

Please note, the starting point of the routes in Ferrette is no longer the Tourist Office but at the branch of the Comunauté de Communes Sundgau located 3a route de Lucelle à Ferrette!


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