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Alsatian Jura

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The Jura massif forms its first foothills in Alsace, in the southern part called “Alsatian Jura” to then give its full measure in Switzerland and Franche-Comté. The Alsatian Jura is the mountainous part of the Sundgau. Southern limit nestled on the borders of Alsace, this territory is characterized in particular by its common border with the canton of Jura Switzerland.

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Source of wonder ...

The Alsatian Jura will surprise you with its limestone landscapes with contrasting relief and the shimmering colors of its vegetation. The charms of the jura with the beauty of Alsace ... such could be the description of this territory in noble and prestigious past.
Each of the many towns of the Alsatian Jura conceals hidden treasures, architectural and artistic heritage of character, which are revealed only to the informed eye.

Crossing the ford at Oberlarg
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Source of inspiration...

What a generous contrast between the Alsatian Jura and the green valleys of Largue, Ill and Hundsbach in the Sundgau! What a break between these valleys with gentle slopes, a thousand ponds, beech-cathedrals and the severe crest of the Glaserberg, like the other ranges of the Jura with their rocky escarpments, their ravines, their caves with legends, their large fir trees, and their numerous lookouts.

Source of well-being ...

Did this getaway whet your appetite? Admire the table that has been set for you ...
In restaurants, placed on the Fried Carp Route, will be able to invite you to discover this typical Sundgauvienne specialty in an original way, by first introducing you to the pleasures of fishing before awakening your taste buds in the kitchen.
Once satisfied, you will appreciate the warmth of the welcome extended to you by our specialists.'accommodation.

Biederthal forest in the Alsatian Jura
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Source of vitality ...

The Jura Alsacien is a huge green leisure area!
With more than 300 km of trails marked by the Club Vosgien, hiking is the dominant activity, accessible to all thanks in particular to the many popular walks.
Le Moutain Biking is not left out, quite the contrary. In recent years, the Alsatian Jura has hosted the regional mountain bike championship. Amateur mountain bikers cross the Alsatian Jura and the neighboring valleys on the occasion of events organized by local clubs and accessible to all.
MTB marked circuits and bike complete our offer and wait for you to discover this land of tales and legends by bike, a gentle and invigorating practice. The authentic Sundgau will then offer you its ponds and its rivers, its green hills, its typical Alsatian villages and its must-see. gastronomy.
You can, along the water, go up the valleys to the sources of the country, in the heart of the Alsatian Jura, where the life of men and the land vibrates. This mountain land, between lake and caves, between castles and churches, testifies to an eventful but prestigious past that we invite you to discover.
But it is not necessary to have good calves to survey our region, which is also appreciated on horseback, in horse-drawn carriages, in roller skates or in microlight ...
For relaxation, opt for the fishing, in a pond or in running water, the bathing, pedal boat or canoeing at Courtavon lake, or even lazing around Ferrette swimming pool.

Source of comfort ...

Far from living as a hermit, you will find with us all the services you will need: food, banks, post office, newsagent, photographer, garage owners, doctors, etc.

For a perfect organization of your stay or simply for more information, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist information office of Ferrette that will meet your expectations.

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