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Sundgau Picnic Areas

  • Winkel village

    Winkel village

  • Col du Neuneich picnic area

    Col du Neuneich picnic area

Located at 730m above sea level at the Neuneich pass, on the heights of Ligsdorf, this picnic area was arranged by the ONF and offers a small shelter with a table for 6 to 8 people. Two barbecue facilities are available outside with seven other picnic tables. You should bring your grill for the barbecue. This area offers a magnificent panorama of the Alsatian jura and is an ideal starting point for walks and hikes in the heart of the Glaserberg forest. Possibility of making small family loops without difficulties.

  • Dwarf Cave Picnic Area

    Dwarf Cave Picnic Area

  • Dwarf Cave Picnic Area

    Dwarf Cave Picnic Area

This picnic area is located on the parking lot of the Keucht which allows direct access to the dwarven cave in 10 minutes on foot. Very shaded, this small area offers a barbecue area but you will need to bring your grill. You will also find there a table / bench for 6 to 8 people. A second area, with more capacity, is located a hundred meters higher, at a place called Heidefluh. It has the advantage of presenting a superb belvedere.


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