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  • The Altkirch store

    The Altkirch store

Already from the street, the nostrils are tickled by the delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee.
Mr. Flota invites you to come and discover his little roasting workshop.
An infinite amount of different coffees and teas await you
  • butcher-caterer


Exceptional beers, made exclusively from water, malt and hops. We use high quality water and 100% organic products.
Raoul Zimmermann has chosen to brew his beers with the best ingredients, which makes a beer of pleasure. Brewed with the temperament, the passion and the true friendship, of a Sundundian.
The philosophy of the Sundgauvienne brewery is to create fine beers with character for those who believe and support the development of local quality products. Here you will find beers that can be invited to the table or around a BBQ. All beers are made with the best brewery ingredients of the moment, giving priority to producers located as close as possible to the brewery, ecology requires.
Old Ferrette
Need a caterer for your evenings? (communions, weddings, birthdays, invitations with friends) Yannick comes to YOUR HOME and makes flambé pies and fried carp for you at home. Contact Yannick MORETH on 03 89 40 26 24 or on
A family business established since 1961, the Claude choucrouterie offers you an authentic Sundgauvian sauerkraut made in Chavannes-sur-l'Étang. Member of the Confrérie de la sauerkraut, the choucrouterie Claude sells a whole range of sauerkraut from Alsace, raw in 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 2 kg buckets without forgetting the raw Alsace sauerkraut fermented with sea salt or another sauerkraut prepared with goose fat and Riesling. Other farm products are offered such as salted turnips and turnips, raw or prepared, shallots, onions or garlic and white cabbage as well as cooked products.
Chavannes sur l'Etang
  • RAUSER Emmanuelle, Coach in personal development and well-being

    RAUSER Emmanuelle, Coach in personal development and well-being

  • FLOWER e'MOI - Coaching firm

    FLOWER e'MOI - Coaching firm

Emmanuelle Rauser, certified coach in development and well-being, art therapist, affiliated to the EMCC France Coach Federation, is specialized in professional retraining and stress management at work. 

I support individuals and employees in companies through individual interviews or in groups of 5 to 15 people and I offer creative art therapy or plant therapy workshops, lasting from 1 hour to 2 hours .

These workshops are aimed at children aged 8 to 16 as well as adults and seniors. they allow people to express their emotions, to discuss their feelings, to give themselves time, moments of pause: relaxation, mediation, cardiac coherence ...

I use:

-aromatherapy, (naturopathy level 1 course)

- meditation, DO 'in, stretching exercises (mix of yoga, tai chi ...)  

- Vegetal therapy (including floral art: training of 200 hours in immersion at a florist)

- art therapy (drawing, painting, collage, etc.): certification

- IKIGAI (Japanese method of studying the tree of life), Ayurveda (discovered during a trip to INDIA)

-Walking coaching (sessions in the heart of nature) 

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  • Da Luigi's starters

    Da Luigi's starters


Originally from Gallipoli, a charming fishing port by the Ionian Sea in Puglia, Luigi Trianni takes care to preserve the authenticity of the traditional recipes of his beautiful country: Italy ...

Catering, cooked meals, cold cuts, cheeses, wines, fresh pasta, delicatessen.


  • Winkel


  • Winkel


Dietplus is the specialist in food rebalancing.

Benefit from the listening and follow-up of a coach for effective and lasting weight loss. Our food supplements are exclusive and natural.

Dietplus Altkirch offers you your nutritional assessment without obligation! So don't wait any longer, make an appointment now.

Dietplus meets the needs of women, men and adolescents

- Nutritional assessment offered
- Impedancemetry measurements
- Personalized dietetic follow-up
- Coaching and weight management
- Natural food supplements made in France
- Exclusive dietetic products
- Weekly follow-up by appointment
- Sponsorship offer

I offer well-being and psycho-corporal massage sessions in the office which is located instead of the lodging of Agnès and André Schmitt in Winkel. The cabinet is individual, bathroom nearby, adjacent kitchen for a cup of herbal tea before or after the session.
The massages are of variable duration (30 mins for the Amma Assis, 60 or 90 mins for a classic elongated massage), à ​​la carte according to the desire or the need of the person. Ideal after a day of walking or mountain biking in our beautiful Sundgau!
The practice is surrounded by nature with a view of the surrounding hills and forests. The place is in a sober and warm style, mixing stones and exposed wooden beams and the simplicity of the furniture - wood and white - so as to highlight the rusticity of the place.
  • Winkel



 Come and discover L'Épicerie fine, open from 2019, and its wide selection of gourmet and refined products, which will appeal to salty and sweet tooth alike.

This place is the perfect continuation of the passion shared by Benoit Ligabue (Chef of the restaurant La Couronne) and Thiébaut Flory (Chef de salle and sommelier) to share with you the delicious dishes and products cooked in their restaurant.
Treat yourself to a gourmet visit as soon as you step through the door, and travel through this taste space where savory and sweet products, a wine cellar and ready-to-go meals
(made with care at the La Couronne restaurant) will satisfy all your desires!
Tiffany Rees will be happy to guide you and will take the time to advise you in your choices.
Because it is here all the value of certain terroirs that is in the spotlight, for the pleasure of the eyes and the mouth!
From Brittany (with the Bordier de Saint Malo house and its precious butters), via Italy (appreciated for its burrata, oils, pasta and cold meats ...)
Greece and Spain not being outdone (the famous star of Iberian charcuterie Belotta Belotta, the superb Kalamata olives from the house of Kalios…).
Without forgetting our dear Alsace.
On the cellar side, come and discover the fine selection of Thiébaut which offers you a choice of French and world wines, not to mention the spirits.
Finally, for the sweet side, let yourself be tempted by some sweets from here and elsewhere (chocolates, biscuits, teas, etc.).
You will also be guided and advised for the realization of gourmet baskets to offer or to offer!

  • Gast coaches - Express Sundgoviens

    Gast coaches - Express Sundgoviens

Express Sundgoviens has been a family business for 3 generations. It was in 1946 that the first coach was purchased.
Today the Sundgovian Express is 45 employees at your service; a fleet of 40 vehicles and a desire to give TRAVEL PLEASURE for a long time yet!
  • Anita and José Pflieger Farm

    Anita and José Pflieger Farm

- Chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, hens, poultry meat, rabbits
- Turkeys, geese, capons for the holidays
- Potatoes, green lentils
- Eggs

Open since 1990, the Meyer-Wioland farm in Spechbach is part of the Terroir du Sundgau association and offers a full range of natural poultry products.

We offer a wide choice of products from different animals: Whole poultry, poultry cuts, poultry cold cuts, foie gras, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, organ meats, whole rabbit, leg or shoulder, grilled meats and barbecue, pork, catering products, poultry specialties to reheat, cold starters, pies, pies, salads and sweets!

And find us on the markets!

• Thursday in Rixheim and Altkirch

•Friday morning in Illzach

•Saturday morning in Brunstatt and Altkirch

  • Grumbach Farm

    Grumbach Farm

  • Grumbach farm shop

    Grumbach farm shop

Meat directly from producer to consumer!
It's possible and that's what Sandra and Nicolas Gerster offer. Established in Durlinsdorf, this young couple invites you to visit their farm, taste their handcrafted products and discover their shop located in an old stable.
You can then taste a whole range of farm products (Alsatian charcuterie, Swiss cheese, country bread, egg, Alsatian wine, jam, liqueur, Simmental beef, milk-fed veal, grilled meats, beef terrines, country sausage , landjäger….) From a simple visit to the farm store (Thursday afternoon from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m.) to a guided tour of the 'operation with tasting of homemade products, you will discover the riches of a region, the Sundgauvien region.
You want to organize a wedding, a reception, a simple barbecue with friends, the Grumbach farm offers its country buffets and barbecue assortments!
The breeding of llamas and sheepdogs of Central Asia "La Montagne Bleue" offers free guided tours of the breeding every Sunday and public holidays from 15 p.m. to 17 p.m. (contact the owner beforehand to ensure his presence). Visits for paying groups by appointment, possibility of walks with llamas.

Access from the Blochmont pass, forest path marked "red cross".
  • Roetling farm cheese

    Roetling farm cheese

  • Roetling farm cheese

    Roetling farm cheese

Family farm specializing in milk and cuddling cows. Carrier of a project of transformation into cheese on the farm, we do our best to register the farm in a sustainable approach. Come and taste the Sundgau tile, our star cheese!
Traubach le Bas
  • Cheese breeder Antony Vieux Ferrette

    Cheese breeder Antony Vieux Ferrette

  • Cheese breeder Antony Vieux Ferrette

    Cheese breeder Antony Vieux Ferrette

 35 years in the service of Taste ...

The least we can say is that Bernard Antony's life is unique. Born in Sundgau, he created a real world of cheese, which we now visit like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

He won't tell you that his cheeses are the best you can find: their presence on the biggest tables speaks for itself. And the wines he chooses to express their harmonies are admirable.  In the very place where he refines his cheeses, in the small village of  Vieux-Ferrette, he designed a tasting cellar where no  only its dear cheeses at the point of perfect maturity, but also  wines likely to accompany them to the best of their taste harmony.

With good and judicious advice from knowledgeable oenologists, his cellar is now  rich in the most diverse authentic vintages, not necessarily the most expensive, but  all of remarkable quality, in the most popular vintages.


Old Ferrette
L'Îlot Fermier is 115 producers including 24 from Sundgau on 300 m2 which limits intermediaries and allows you to give meaning to your consumption! All the pleasure of healthy, safe and delicious food...

By consuming locally, you can finally regain confidence in the content of your plates! Indeed the quality, freshness and traceability of what you eat are guaranteed. Eating local means respecting the seasons, the maturity, the true taste of the products. For your health, enjoy foods with high nutritional qualities rather than foodstuffs that are just beautiful and well calibrated... At the price level, the Îlot Fermier finally allows farmers to live decently from their work. Consuming locally means saving local jobs. Favor short circuits and take control of your diet
  • Succulents


  • Perennials


The Jardinerie de l'Ill offers bedding plants, biennial, green or flowering. You will also find pots, tubs, planters, vases .. and also vegetable plants, bulbs and seeds.
99% of our plants come from local productions !!!
The Jardinerie de l'Ill is also a pet store, with exotic fish, cold water or pond fish, reptiles, birds, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs as well as food and accessories .
Come and visit us and also discover our different universes specially dedicated to interior decoration. You will find the exceptional YANKEE CANDLE candles.
Our team of 10 qualified people provides personalized advice in our 4500 m² sales area.
Carspach / Altkirch
  • Luppachhof Farm

    Luppachhof Farm

  • Hiking with donkeys

    Hiking with donkeys

The La Clé des Champs association offers activities and educational support to schools and families in a "life-size" farm suitable for hospitality.

Located in Bouxwiller, this associative educational farm, reception, entertainment and sales, can be visited with family or groups. The quality animations are offered by professionals.

Free visit during the week Monday to Friday, 15 p.m. to 30 p.m., independent visits, without animation or leader (excluding weekends and public holidays). Come discover the farm animals and enjoy a bucolic, welcoming and diverse site. Entrance: 1 €

 Annual membership per family: € 5

Proposed activities 

all year round, by reservation:

  • randonner with a donkey with family for the day 5€0 or half day €30
  • Birthday at the farm Wednesday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. €150 
  • Investigation on the farm: Go with your family to investigate the animals to discover the author of the theft of Ms. Hen's golden eggs, possible activity Monday to Friday at 15 p.m. (approximately 30 hour) 5 € snack included

at each school holiday, by reservation:

  • themed family workshops: milking goats, making bread, feeding animals ... 


Associative shop from February to November between 15 p.m. and 30 p.m. Monday to Friday:

This space offers you within the associative shop: products resulting from the activities of the association (eggs, vegetables, fruits, syrups, jams, apple juice, various objects made by our volunteers), local productions, souvenirs, ... as well as '' a small refreshment bar


Bouxwiller Haut Rhin
The Les Champs de l'Ill store is a collective point of sale for local producers. Come and discover a wide range of quality farm products, produced by farmers in your region who are proud of their profession and respectful of your environment!

Our range of farm products:
• Pork, beef, and veal
• Game
•Foie gras
•Farm eggs
• Cow cheeses
•Goat cheese
•Seasonal vegetables
•Seasonal fruits
•Bread, Kougelhopf, flour
•Syrups and jams
•Ice cream
•Organic Alsace wine
• Bee products: honey, propolis, gingerbread
•Herbal teas
•Seasonal flowers...
  • The pickup

    The pickup

We created our Hélicicole farm (name given to a snail farm) in September 2014. We have parks with around 200 gastropods by the name of "Hélix Aspersa Maxima" more commonly called "Gros Gris".
Our snails are born and grow on the farm in outdoor parks filled with plants. Maintained manually, this green carpet serves both as shelter but also as food, in addition to cereals and minerals guaranteed to be GMO-free.
Located in the South of Alsace, Largitzen is surrounded by forests, meadows as well as beautiful horned animals (cattle). It is distant about thirty kilometers from Saint Louis, and substantially as much from Mulhouse, Montbéliard as well as Belfort.

Organic farm focused on raising cattle, pigs and chickens fed by 80 Ha of crops. A wide choice of services based on farm products is offered there.

  • Farm visits organized by appointment.
  • Direct sale of organic products from the farm (meats, cold meats, cooked dishes) and those from small producers in the area (breads, wines, dairy products, craft beers).
  • Manufacturing of products on site.
  • Boutique open Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 am to 18 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am to 17 pm.

Join the AMAP and Ruche Qui Dit Oui network.



Pharmacy and parapharmacy for 4 generations.
Online pharmacy since 2004.
  • Ostrich farm in Sondersdorf

    Ostrich farm in Sondersdorf

Ostrich farming.

Possibility to visit the farm only by appointment, store opening on Sunday from mid-October to mid-April and Wednesday and Sunday from mid-April to mid-October. Many activities and meals are offered throughout the year, including open doors to discover the breeding.

We have reorganized the direct sale at the farm in the form of a "Drive", in order to respect as much as possible the barrier gestures.


  • Sundgau Voyages PFETTERHOUSE

    Sundgau Voyages PFETTERHOUSE

  • Sundgau Voyages PFETTERHOUSE

    Sundgau Voyages PFETTERHOUSE

Sundgau Voyages has been a family business for 3 generations;

In 1971,
 the great adventure of our company begins. The founder, Mr. Xavier Siess, began his activity with the transport of workers.

 In 1998,  his daughter Béatrice and her husband Daniel take over the business and make it prosper.

 In 2017,  Hervé and his wife Marie take over the management of the company while keeping the values ​​that are dear to them: safety, quality, dynamism and authenticity. This is the third generation to continue this great family adventure.


Specialists for more than 50 years in transport and travel by coach, we offer transport services, the organization of tailor-made trips for groups, as well as a brochure with our trips and excursions.

At the crossroads of Switzerland, Germany and Franche-Comté is Sundgau, a hilly area where charming villages with half-timbered houses, orchards, chapels and a multitude of ponds come together. Explore it behind the wheel of a quad for a day and let yourself be surprised by its heritage rich in culture, history and traditions!

An activity that can be done with family, couple, solo or with colleagues to discover the beautiful region of Sundgau in the south of Alsace!

The circuit is punctuated by taste breaks, the opportunity for you to (re) discover the Sundgauvien terroir and in particular take the Route de la Carpe Frite!

On the program: discovery of the Wolfersdorf canal bridge, visit to the Lieby art stained glass workshop in Hagenbach, beer tasting at the Quatre Pays brewery in Hirtzbach, carp and chips lunch at the Au Cerf restaurant in Seppois le Bas, visit to the Romanesque church of Feldbach and guided tour and discovery of a biogas unit at the La Clé des Champs farm in Moernach. On your return, a glass of crémant is offered to end the day!
From the twentieth century, we have received a lot in terms of freedom, longevity and material comfort. But we have also lost a lot: the links have become superficial and our competitive system continues to breed fear and anger. In this world of cities, in movement and uncertain, in the midst of all these agitated and stressful humans, allow oneself to listen to the messages of nature, to offer oneself a space making possible "the dropouts" of consciousness, is an essential act for those who wish to give meaning to what they undertake individually or collectively.

* an introduction to the natural space (forests, woods, natural environment ...) guided by a sylvotherapy practitioner in order to live an experience of reconnection with your 5 senses near the symbol tree
* courses created around the practices of sylvotherapy (sensory, LandArt, meditations, connection to living things, etc.) to reconnect with oneself, one's nature and the world.
* natural and scientifically demonstrated benefits such as the secretion of hormones, positive effects at the psychic and emotional level by the alchemical power of the forest around our 5 senses.
* experiences that meet both the need for renewal and the necessary re-establishment of the pact with nature initiated by the first peoples in the past.
Bouxwiller Haut Rhin
Need a caterer for your evenings? (communions, weddings, birthdays, invitations between friends) Yannick comes to YOUR HOME and makes tartes flambées and fried carp for you. Contact Yannick MORETH on 03 89 40 26 24 or on

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