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Sundgau, a gravel bike paradise!

Our bike specialist has concocted a series of routes specifically dedicated to Gravel biking.

These routes alternate small roads with little traffic, beautiful white forest or agricultural paths and sometimes even small rolling paths!

They borrow part of our mountain bike and bicycle circuits but do not benefit from specific markings. You can nevertheless download the GPX or KML tracks and thus follow the routes with a dedicated application (Komoot,, Visorando, etc...).
Sundgau lends itself perfectly to this new discipline because it benefits from a rather incredible number of paths of all kinds.

We hope you will enjoy it. In any case, do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

Find all the water points accessible to hikers and cyclists here

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  • Gravel in the Sundgau

    Gravel in the Sundgau

  • Friesen half-timbered house

    Friesen half-timbered house

This 50 km Gravel circuit in Alsace alternates small secondary roads, cycle paths and white paths. You can start the route at Cosec in Hirsingue or in the parking lot of the old Hirtzbach station. The sector between Hirsingue and Altenach is exclusively on tarmac roads. The Gravel portions are located in the Largue valley between Altenach and Heimersdorf. They are very varied! A beautiful journey in perspective!

  • Rhone-Rhine Canal

    Rhone-Rhine Canal

This Gravel circuit in Alsace is located in the heart of Sundgau. It can start at the Wolfersdorf Port relay. It begins gently along the canal to Eglingen where it then joins Balschwiller via a small road closed to vehicles.

From Balschwiller, the circuit follows paths to reach Ammertzwiller then Sternenberg. The rest of the route is more rolling until the exit of Bréchaumont.

We then reach the isolated chapel of Notre Dame de Bellefontaine and then the beautiful pond of the Middle.

The end of the circuit passes through Elbach to finally end at the port relay.

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

  • Winkel village

    Winkel village

This beautiful gravel circuit in Alsace in the upper Sundgau begins at the Ferrette media library. It first crosses the heights of the bucolic village of Bendorf to reach Winkel, where you can make a detour to the source of the Ill.

From there, the route joins Ligsdorf by a forest path, goes up towards Sondersdorf and then heads towards Oltingue. It then becomes more rolling as far as Muespach, as it takes the signposted cycle route no. 6.

Once on the heights of Muespach, you descend to Waldighofen with a small portion of white path. The route takes you to Ruederbach via the cycle path of the Ill valley. The circuit then takes agricultural paths to go up to the foot of the Alsatian Jura at Koestlach. You end this loop with the climb of Ferrette which leads you to the starting point.

  • Charles de Reinach Park in Hirtzbach

    Charles de Reinach Park in Hirtzbach

This Gravel circuit in Alsace, leaving from Altkirch station, joins the canal via Aspach and an agricultural path. Arriving at the canal, two possibilities:

  • Either turn left and follow the route indicated to reach Saint Bernard then Spechbach and Illfurth across fields
  • Either turn right along the canal to go directly to Illfurth and thus shorten the route by 10 km.

In Illfurth, you will climb through the forest on a beautiful forest path to Luemschwiller, a small town preserved in its green setting.

From there, the circuit resumes the cycle route to Schwoben where, once again, it goes up towards the forest to then take the Roman road (or, if desired, a small forest path which runs along this same road).

The rest of the route takes a majority of white paths to Hirsingue to finish on the Ill cycle route, to reach Altkirch station.

  • Lake Lucelle

    Lake Lucelle

  • Ferrette and its castle

    Ferrette and its castle

This Gravel circuit in Alsace is a beautiful loop of almost 62 km which goes around the Alsatian Jura massif.

Departing here from Durlinsdorf, you will start gently towards Courtavon to reach the castle of Morimont. From there, a climb begins, in several stages, to reach the summit of the Glaserberg and especially the Neuneich pass where you will enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Alsatian Jura.

You will then descend by a beautiful white path, on the Swiss border, along the Lucelle to reach Kiffis then by a small tourist road not devoid of charm, Wolschwiller and finally Biederthal. A stopover can be considered at Oltingue before descending towards the larch forest of Durmenach and its beautiful picnic area located along a stream.

Finally, you will go up to Vieux Ferrette then follow the first reliefs of the Jura to Durlinsdorf!

  • Path on the heights of Bendorf

    Path on the heights of Bendorf

  • Ferrette on bike

    Ferrette on bike

Gravel sports circuit in Alsace departing from Ferrette, a small capital of character in the Alsatian Jura. Don't hesitate to make a detour to the castle (on foot ;-)). This route is a great classic of the sector (which I love!) to which we added some very nice Gravel sections!

In addition to the classic (gentle) climb of the Blochmont pass, you will survey the heights of the bucolic village of Bendorf but above all the magnificent passage at the foot of Ramelsberg, the summit of the Alsatian Jura which joins the Challpass (and yes we are going through German-speaking Switzerland!). This junction is made from the Swiss village of Petit-Lucelle (Kleinlutzel for friends) by a small winding mountain road decorated with magnificent panoramas of the Swiss Jura. The last kilometers to reach the Challpass are on a beautiful white forest path!

What follows is a beautiful descent on a wide road to reach Metzerlen and especially the Mariastein Abbey, the second largest pilgrimage in Switzerland where you can eat (and incidentally visit the abbey and its cave)!

You will then return to the country by a smuggling route and will even be able to discover the castle of Landskron, the best preserved of the castles in the sector. Here again, a magnificent panorama awaits you!

We return briefly to Switzerland before crossing the border again to reach Oltingue and its cycle path to Durmenach where a final Gravel section awaits you to go back up to Ferrette.

In short, a magnificent course that you will not regret despite its 1150 m drop!

  • Gravel in the Alsatian Jura

    Gravel in the Alsatian Jura

This Gravel circuit in Alsace can start at the Heimersdorf community hall. It gently rises towards Durlinsdorf via good quality natural paths.

It then becomes much more rolling by taking the departmental road to Lucelle with a few exceptions, one of which allows you to discover the Château du Morimont.

The Winkel climb represents the major difficulty of the day but fortunately, it is not very long!

In Lucelle, you can eat at the Noirval restaurant before gently descending on the international road to Kiffis, where you will take a small, calm and pleasant tourist route, through the forest and typical Jura valley, to reach Wolschwiller.

From there, you will reach Biederthal via the RD, then Raedersdorf via a forest path.

A second stop can be planned at Oltingue before going back down to Durmenach where the last little difficulty of the day will await you!


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