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    Beers of Saint-Louis

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The beer of Saint-Louis was born in 1816 by the construction of the brewery named after its founder: Brasserie Freund.
The construction is made with materials from the dismantling of the Vauban fortress in Huningue. In 1906, the brewery produced 30 hl per year. In 000, the name of Brasserie Freund became Brasserie de Saint-Louis.
Fifty years later, in 2010, Eric Wissler decided to relaunch the production of Saint-Louis beer by creating the Brasserie de Saint-Louis SAS.
With a production capacity of 20 hl per year, beers of different kinds are brewed in the greatest tradition of Alsace beers with hops and malt from the region.

The brasserie shop offers the direct sale of beers but also local products and souvenirs from Alsace.
Saint Louis
Exceptional beers, made exclusively from water, malt and hops. We use high quality water and 100% organic products.
Raoul Zimmermann has chosen to brew his beers with the best ingredients, which makes a beer of pleasure. Brewed with the temperament, the passion and the true friendship, of a Sundundian.
The philosophy of the Sundgauvienne brewery is to create fine beers with character for those who believe and support the development of local quality products. Here you will find beers that can be invited to the table or around a BBQ. All beers are made with the best brewery ingredients of the moment, giving priority to producers located as close as possible to the brewery, ecology requires.
Old Ferrette

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