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Didier's 24 hours

If I only had 24 hours to visit the Sundgau, I would choose to do it with a quad!

That's good, the association Sundgo Discovery offers a turnkey day!

I would leave Ueberstrass towards Wolfersdorf to discover the canal bridge, a rather unusual structure: in fact, the canal passes over a bridge, above the Largue river! It dates from 1834 and there are only a hundred in France. A little coffee break is in order to take the time to admire it.

Then, directionLieby art stained glass workshop, where Michel and his son Christophe create and restore stained-glass windows… but not only! They also create decorations, kitchen backsplashes, glass products, jewelry, etc. It is meticulous work and the result is magnificent.


Then I would make a little stop at the Brasserie des Quatre Pays in Hirtzbach to discover how beer is made ... and especially to enjoy a glass! Especially since it is organic, local and delicious. So, I would take a few bottles to bring home and give to my loved ones.



A tour of the Sundgau cannot be conceived without a meal fried carp ! The opportunity to sit down at the restaurant Au Cerf de Seppois le Bas to taste this delicious dish, typical of this magnificent region of southern Alsace.

A little heritage for dessert? Yes ! Feldbach church is the Romanesque jewel of Sundgau. It is a special church, the interior of which you absolutely must discover and let yourself be told the story by Astrid, a guide who is keen to make this superb building known.

And to end the day, what better than a visit to a farm? Because they are numerous in the Sundgau! The beautiful cows of the Grumbach farm in Durlinsdorf love visitors, and Nicolas, their owner, talks about it better than anyone. It is also an opportunity to taste some delicacies made by the Gerster family: cold meats, sausages, terrine… or even milk jam, there is something for everyone. More good local products to take home!

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