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Didier's 24 hours

If I only had 24 hours to visit the Sundgau, I would choose to do it with a quad!

That's good, the association Sundgo Discovery offers a turnkey day!

I would leave Ueberstrass towards Wolfersdorf to discover the canal bridge, a rather unusual structure: in fact, the canal passes over a bridge, above the Largue river! It dates from 1834 and there are only a hundred in France. A little coffee break is in order to take the time to admire it.

Then, directionLieby art stained glass workshop, where Michel and his son Christophe create and restore stained-glass windows… but not only! They also create decorations, kitchen backsplashes, glass products, jewelry, etc. It is meticulous work and the result is magnificent.


Then I would make a little stop at the Brasserie des Quatre Pays in Hirtzbach to discover how beer is made ... and especially to enjoy a glass! Especially since it is organic, local and delicious. So, I would take a few bottles to bring home and give to my loved ones.



A tour of the Sundgau cannot be conceived without a meal fried carp ! The opportunity to sit down at the restaurant Au Cerf de Seppois le Bas to taste this delicious dish, typical of this magnificent region of southern Alsace.

A little heritage for dessert? Yes ! Feldbach church is the Romanesque jewel of Sundgau. It is a special church, the interior of which you absolutely must discover and let yourself be told the story by Astrid, a guide who is keen to make this superb building known.

And to end the day, what could be better than a visit to a farm? Because they are numerous in the Sundgau! The Hohler farm in Moernach produces electricity from a methanization unit...Phillipe will give you very detailed and passionate explanations to better understand how it works!

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