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The Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Theme 2023: Legends and Gastronomy

“In the past”, in the time of tales and legends, hunger reigned over the world. To live was to survive. “Daily bread” was the spring of life. It was necessary to tear it from nature by working hard, risking scarcity or, worse still, starvation. Only a few powerful people knew abundance and luxury. Hung bellies dreamed of lands of plenty. There were more ogres than fairies. But the latter never deserted Sundgau. They made his cellars and his attics flourish, they illuminated his tables. In Illfurth, the amphorae of the south opened the way to the barrels. Saint-Morand demonstrated this in Altkirch. The history of sauerkraut begins in Dannemarie, around 1400, at the very time when carp invaded the ponds. The damsels are the age of Methuselah. And the potatoes didn't wait for Parmentier to come between Vosges and Jura. It is claimed that the name Ferrette/Pfirt comes from the Latin Piretum, pear tree. This small country has a patient and sober memory. He does not confuse the value of words and the swallowing of food. He knows that good things are deserved: conviviality is at that price. The godfather of Sundgau cuisine is Dom Bernardin Buchinger, Cistercian abbot of Lucelle between 1654 and 1673. The edition of his Koch-Buch published in Lutterbach in 1672 brings together more than 800 recipes. Their godmother is Marguerite Spoerlin from Mulhouse, daughter of an innkeeper and wife of a pastor whose Oberrheinisches Kochbuch of 1811, immediately translated Cuisinière du Haut-Rhin, which contains 738, has continued to be republished since. These tutelary figures combine the domestic economy with local flavors. True gastronomy is the art of measurement. She is blessed by heaven. »
Georges BISCHOFF, Godfather of publishing and historian


The Christmas period is intended to be atypical in Altkirch, with no traditional Christmas market but magical decorations and illuminations, scenographies and original digital creations transforming the entire city center into a magical forest.
Each year the Enchanted Forest stages a dozen tales and legends from Sundgau and Alsace. Forest animals, mysterious characters and magical settings settle in the city center to transport you to a fantastic world.

Many activities will be offered, to the delight of young and old! Vendors of mulled wine, pancakes, waffles, etc. will also be there! Altkirch will be buzzing throughout the month of December with entertainment at the ice rink, street shows, storytelling tours offered by the Tourist Office, exhibitions, workshops and many other activities.

To discover all the wonderful details of this edition, come to Altkirch!


Place of the event / departure:
Downtown and Ramparts Gardens - ALTKIRCH
  • Served by a regular bus / tram line
Altitude (m):
Specific target audience
  • Families
Languages ​​spoken
Disabled access :
Organized by :
City of Altkirch
Short comment:
Unique and original permanent outdoor show on the theme of stories and legends open all day, illuminations from 17 p.m. to 20 p.m.
Type of event, exhibition
  • Tale / history and local legend
GRC catchphrase description
Experience a magical and magical atmosphere in the heart of the city. Go and meet the characters of tales and legends of Sundgau.
Restaurant on site:
  • Restaurant
Additional amenities / services:
  • Toilets
Vehicle parking
  • Free private parking for cars


Reception hours:
10h to 20h


Prices :


68130 Altkirch
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13 Castle Street
68130 Altkirch
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