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The most beautiful gardens in Sundgau

  • Charles de Reinach Park

    Charles de Reinach Park

  • Hirtzbach Castle

    Hirtzbach Castle

To the right of the castle of Hirtzbach, Charles de Reinach had arranged, in the 19th century, an English garden, populated with beeches, ash trees, pines and other rarer trees under our skies including a pedunculate oak registered in the supplementary inventory historical monuments. A stream and three ponds where swans and ducks frolic give it a pleasant note of freshness.

Open to the public, the complex houses several buildings including, to the left of the entrance, the last Sundgau ice house, where ice was stored cut from the frozen surface of the ponds.

Opposite the entrance to the park, on the islet called Sainte-Hélène, there is a chalet, the stake, which serves as a wood reserve. Beyond the icebox, another chalet, to the right of the driveway, was used for drying the boards, while the one copied from a model in the canton of Lucerne, at the end of the road, allowed the recovery to be stored.

The green space of 35 ares located along the old ramparts of the city, behind the town hall, had remained in a state of wasteland for thirty years. It gives way to an English garden called "Les Jardins des Remparts".

Designed in 2009 by the Friends of the Château de Ferrette, the medieval garden of "Courtil de St Fiacre" is made up, as in the Middle Ages, of squares, each of which has a very specific vocation: square of herbs, medicinal plants, legumes or even magic plants ...

The organization of the garden scrupulously respects the indications provided by the Capitulary of Charlemagne or even by the plan of St Gall.

Possibility of guided tour of the garden for groups.
  • Brigitte's Garden

    Brigitte's Garden

The gardener started this garden in 1989 and since then has not stopped transforming it, enriching it and doing botanical experiments.

It is a 40-acre promenade garden that is both structured and wild, abundant and full of nooks and crannies where it is good to recharge your batteries in the middle of a great diversity of plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, rose bushes, ferns.

Open from June 1 to October 31, the 3rd Sunday and Monday from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m. (free or guided tour of your choice). Outside of these hours, you can visit the garden by appointment. Check our website for schedules before coming as there may be changes.
The Mil'Feuilles garden was created 7 years ago by Benjamin Hoffmann. It now houses more than 1200 varieties of plants on just over 3000m2 with several atmospheres on offer: Japanese-inspired garden, forest garden, meadow garden, perennial garden, etc.
Something to discover the magic of plants and nature in a very natural setting.
The whole garden is worked in a very strong ecological approach.
A nursery is present at the end of the visit for those who want to spruce up their garden. Plants are produced with garden plants or home grown seedlings/cuttings. Perennials, a few rare shrubs, hops and a few tomato plants (35 varieties) will be on offer.
We look forward to welcoming you to the garden.

Open from May 1 to September 30, 2024.

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