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Nathan's 24 hours

If I only had 24 hours to visit Sundgau… I would spend the day at the Bouxwiller educational farm, of course !

Educational, it means that we can go see the animals but above all that we can take care of them!

The day begins with the milking of the cows and the feeding of the farm animals. It's really cool to be able to milk a cow, and it's not as easy as you might think. Once it's done, it's time to feast! After having worked well, we eat a great breakfast with farm products… it's better than chocolate cereals!

At noon, I have a little picnic with mum and dad, always with good Luppachhof products. But it is especially the afternoon that I look forward to: when the meal is over, and your stomach is full, it's time to go hiking with the donkeys Stella and Pépito. They make us discover the Alsatian Jura, and I love walking in the forest with them and walking alongside them. The host explains everything about trees, plants, the Jura Piedmont, and shows us magnificent landscapes. It lasts 1h30, but with donkeys, it goes way too fast!

And when we come home, we eat good cheeses from the farm… yum!


The day is not over: not far from the farm, there is Ferrette's swimming pool where we can cool off a bit before heading home. I can swim in the children's area with mom and dad take advantage of the hammam in the relaxation area. Mom prefers the sauna, but everyone has a turn!

You can do lots of other activities on the farm, discover how cheese is made, bottle-feed baby animals, and even investigate to find Mme Poule's golden eggs… I can't wait. return!

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