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The Sundgau in 24 hours

If I only had one day to explore the Sundgau, I would start with Ferrette, small town of character where children and adults like to trudge in particular to access its castle. You should know that Ferrette is unique because precisely the city is rooted at the foot of the castle today in ruins. The latter is of course worth the detour if only for the panorama it offers to visitors who reach its humble summit at an altitude of 612m.

Visit the castle of Ferrette it is not to visit a castle, but two castles since it consisted of two separate fortifications. In addition to the castle, the city at its feet is worth a detour with in particular the listed town hall which recently houses a small museum and the church dedicated to Saint Bernard de Menthon, Saint Patron des montagnards because yes, Ferrette is the capital of the Alsatian Jura, the only small mountain massif in Sundgau and curiosity in the Alsatian landscape.

If the view of the castle did not completely satisfy you then I invite you to take a jump to the Rossberg tower proudly enthroned at the top of the eponymous mount, a stone's throw away. This 20m high old tower made entirely of metal offers the brave who have braved the vertigo to enjoy a beautiful 360 ° panorama.

Ferrette cannot leave without having seen dwarfs cave where a famous legend is told that I tell and re-tell constantly to my daughter not without some pleasure. Beyond the small crevice serving as a natural theater for our history, the site can be visited more for its natural cliffs almost incongruous at this place. They are also accessible in complete safety and there again a very beautiful point of view awaits the visitor.

You visit Ferrette on a Saturday, so don't leave the city without tasting one or two beers at Radwulf, the local brewer who designs countless beers according to the seasons in a very pleasant setting. You can of course leave with a few beers in your bag!

If it's time to eat, I would go either to Cheval Blanc de Ferrette, or to the Hotel Restaurant chez Collin. These are two family restaurants, you eat well, with simple and authentic cuisine. References to Ferrette. If the weather is good and you'd rather have a picnic, then I would advise you to drop by the most famous cheese maker in the sector, Master Antony, which will make you travel throughout France with its sharp selection of cheeses accompanied by a good peasant bread and of course a good bottle of red. His pharmacy will offer you this very French triptych!

Radwulf Brewery
Radwulf Brewery

After Ferrette, I would take the road towards Oltingue which houses a property mysterious church lost in a rural and bucolic setting. Within it, you will discover Merovingian tombs exhumed during excavations carried out in the late 1980s. What makes this church original is that the said tombs have remained intact, open, the skeletons still visible!

In its heart, in addition to beautiful frescoes from the 13e century, a rope is escaping from the roof… ask the children to pull on it and frightened they will be at the moment when the tension will sound the death knell!

Depending on the season and the day, a little jump Farmer's Museum imposes itself in the center of Oltingue! For three francs six sous (actually 2,5 €), you will discover the peasant life of yesteryear so characteristic of our dear Sundgau.

After Oltingue, I would go to Landskron Castle, above the Leimental valley. It is the best preserved of the three buildings of the Alsatian Jura. Again, you will have to climb a few steps to gain a breathtaking view of the Alsatian Jura and the city of Basel.

Saint Martin des Champs, Oltingue
Saint Martin des Champs, Oltingue

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