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Well-being / Fitness

  • RAUSER Emmanuelle, Coach in personal development and well-being

    RAUSER Emmanuelle, Coach in personal development and well-being

  • FLOWER e'MOI - Coaching firm

    FLOWER e'MOI - Coaching firm

Emmanuelle Rauser, certified coach in development and well-being, art therapist, affiliated to the EMCC France Coach Federation, is specialized in professional retraining and stress management at work. 

I support individuals and employees in companies through individual interviews or in groups of 5 to 15 people and I offer creative art therapy or plant therapy workshops, lasting from 1 hour to 2 hours .

These workshops are aimed at children aged 8 to 16 as well as adults and seniors. they allow people to express their emotions, to discuss their feelings, to give themselves time, moments of pause: relaxation, mediation, cardiac coherence ...

I use:

-aromatherapy, (naturopathy level 1 course)

- meditation, DO 'in, stretching exercises (mix of yoga, tai chi ...)  

- Vegetal therapy (including floral art: training of 200 hours in immersion at a florist)

- art therapy (drawing, painting, collage, etc.): certification

- IKIGAI (Japanese method of studying the tree of life), Ayurveda (discovered during a trip to INDIA)

-Walking coaching (sessions in the heart of nature) 

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From the twentieth century, we have received a lot in terms of freedom, longevity and material comfort. But we have also lost a lot: the links have become superficial and our competitive system continues to breed fear and anger. In this world of cities, in movement and uncertain, in the midst of all these agitated and stressful humans, allow oneself to listen to the messages of nature, to offer oneself a space making possible "the dropouts" of consciousness, is an essential act for those who wish to give meaning to what they undertake individually or collectively.

* an introduction to the natural space (forests, woods, natural environment ...) guided by a sylvotherapy practitioner in order to live an experience of reconnection with your 5 senses near the symbol tree
* courses created around the practices of sylvotherapy (sensory, LandArt, meditations, connection to living things, etc.) to reconnect with oneself, one's nature and the world.
* natural and scientifically demonstrated benefits such as the secretion of hormones, positive effects at the psychic and emotional level by the alchemical power of the forest around our 5 senses.
* experiences that meet both the need for renewal and the necessary re-establishment of the pact with nature initiated by the first peoples in the past.
Oltingue Haut Rhin
  • Ferrette swimming pool

    Ferrette swimming pool

  • Ferrette swimming pool

    Ferrette swimming pool

Completely renovated in 2018, the new Ferrette swimming pool has a retractable roof in summer, a 25m sports pool, a paddling pool, a fun pool (counter-current, water jets, bubble bench …), Large green spaces. A "Well-Being" area is also accessible with sauna, hammam.

I offer well-being and psycho-corporal massage sessions in the office which is located instead of the lodging of Agnès and André Schmitt in Winkel. The cabinet is individual, bathroom nearby, adjacent kitchen for a cup of herbal tea before or after the session.
The massages are of variable duration (30 mins for the Amma Assis, 60 or 90 mins for a classic elongated massage), à ​​la carte according to the desire or the need of the person. Ideal after a day of walking or mountain biking in our beautiful Sundgau!
The practice is surrounded by nature with a view of the surrounding hills and forests. The place is in a sober and warm style, mixing stones and exposed wooden beams and the simplicity of the furniture - wood and white - so as to highlight the rusticity of the place.
  • Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

    Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

  • Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

    Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

25-meter 5-line pool, learning pool and relaxation area (sauna, hammam, spa). Swimming courses and lessons, aquagym, aquabike, baby swimmers. 


SIMON SPORTS COACH - Sports Educator - Travel throughout the Sundgau.

Physical activities at home or outdoors, alone or with others: children, adults, seniors, companies, individuals, sports clubs, associations, people with chronic illness.

Contact me and I will give you the means to access my services:

Muscle strengthening, maintenance gymnastics, bodybuilding, running, trail running, swimming, Nordic walking, stretching, spining, specific physical preparation, sports massage



Outdoor swimming pool open from June 18 to September 3, 2023 inclusive 

  • the large pool 25 X 15 m (+ 8 years old able to swim)
  • the small pool 15 X 12 m (from 0 to 6 years old)
  • the paddling pool (from 0 to 6 years old)
    Possibility of taking advanced courses. A large park with benches and picnic areas. Volleyball court and table tennis tables available free of charge.

In June, only on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


I am Coralie, and I offer 3 types of support:


In nature :

  • Forest Bath

Take a break. Come experience a sensory immersion in the forest. A suspended moment, out of time and agitation. On the way I would invite you to (re)awaken your senses in contact with nature thanks to different techniques from sylvotherapy.

Sundgauvian forests


  • Awakening to nature

Share a moment of complicity with your family. Come experience a sensory immersion in the forest. I would invite you to awaken your senses in contact with nature in a fun way. These discoveries will allow you to nourish your family bond

Sundgauvian forests or parks.


In office:

  • Wellness massage

A moment of relaxation and reconnection, combining well-being of body and mind. At the beginning of the session, we will take a moment to discuss, which will then allow me to offer you a body massage adapted to your needs of the day.

Envelopment, harmony, and benevolence will be the key words.

Female customers only.


For more information, visit my website. Hope to meet you.


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