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What to do with children

Have fun with the family with the Randoland treasure hunt designed especially for children from 4 years old! Thanks to circuit sheets adapted to the different levels, the child becomes an explorer guide and discovers, at his own pace, the natural and architectural heritage. For this walk, you will walk through the streets of Altkirch to solve puzzles and find clues!

Come and collect your reward at the Tourist Office! (pay attention to opening hours)
  • Fun Walk Randoland DANNEMARIE

    Fun Walk Randoland DANNEMARIE

  • Dannemarie


Have fun with the family with the Randoland treasure hunt designed especially for children aged 4 and over!

Using circuit sheets adapted to different age levels, the child becomes an explorer guide and discovers, at his own pace, the natural and architectural heritage.

For this walk, you will walk through the streets of Dannemarie to find clues and solve puzzles.

Come and collect your reward at the Tourist Office! (Please note opening hours)

Have fun with the family with the Randoland treasure hunt designed especially for children from 4 years old! Thanks to circuit sheets adapted to the different levels, the child becomes an explorer guide and discovers, at his own pace, the natural and architectural heritage. For this walk, you will walk through the streets of Ferrette and go to its medieval castle to solve puzzles and find clues!

Come and collect your reward at the Tourist Office! (pay attention to opening hours)
  • Majestic Cobra, Raedersdorf discovery trail

    Majestic Cobra, Raedersdorf discovery trail

  • Raedersdorf discovery trail

    Raedersdorf discovery trail

Embellished with remarkable viewpoints, themed stations and botanical panels, the trail will take you to a site of great wealth: a forest in the Alsatian Jura. It is notably composed of more than fifty wooden sculptures made using several techniques: chainsaw, wood chisels, wood lathe, etc. Children love it! Possibility of strolling in the village to admire about thirty stork nests. 

Two proposed distances: 2,4 km or 3,4 km.

  • CRAC Alsace-Altkirch

    CRAC Alsace-Altkirch

  • Crac Alsace - Altkirch

    Crac Alsace - Altkirch

 Located in Altkirch and near Switzerland (Basel) and Germany (Friborg), the CRAC Alsace is a contemporary art center dedicated to research and creation which, through the design of exhibitions, d editions and specific actions of mediation, endeavors to support artistic production by promoting encounters between the public, artists and works.


The public service offers guided tours of the exhibitions throughout the year.
Every Saturday and Sunday at 15 p.m., mediations are organized.

Mediators accompany you in the exhibition and give you keys to understanding the works on display.

Guided tours of the exhibitions are also offered all week by appointment.


Ferrette castle is one of the oldest in Alsace. Its first mention dates back to 1105. It was one of the main possessions of the counts of Ferrette, a dynasty which was formed by sharing the inheritance of the counts of Montbéliard. Seven counts of Ferrette will follow one another.

After the death of the last count, the county passed to the house of Austria through the marriage of Joan of Ferrette with Duke Albert II of Habsburg in 1324. The castle then became the residence of an Austrian bailiff.

The ruins of the castle are made up of two parts:
- the upper castle, the oldest, consists of a residential tower carved in limestone and on several levels, one of the first of this type in Alsace. A platform allows you to enjoy a superb panorama of the Vosges, the Black Forest and the Jura.
- the lower castle has several round towers open to the throat and equipped with fire mouth.

Free visit all year round. Guide to discovering the castles of the Alsatian Jura available at the Tourist Office (3 €). Parking at the foot of the castle in front of the old court or at the Tourist Office. Allow 45 to 60 minutes for a free visit of the castle. You can download the sound points for free to listen to them on site.

  • Landskron Castle

    Landskron Castle

  • Landskron Castle

    Landskron Castle

Perched in the Alsatian Jura, a stone's throw from the village of Leymen and Switzerland, the Landskron castle overlooks the entire valley.
It was transformed into a garrison according to Vauban's plans (1689), burned and bombed in 1817 and finally classified as a Historic Monument in 1923. XXth century dungeon, towers, remains of the chapel and the well offer a pleasant green stroll. . Free visit all year round.
  • Morimont Castle

    Morimont Castle

  • Morimont Castle

    Morimont Castle

The site is currently closed to the public for works. You will nevertheless be able to take a tour of the ruins and see the interior of the castle and its vaulted cellar through the gates. 

Nestled in lush greenery, the Château du Morimont is mentioned for the first time in 1183 and controlled the upper valley of the largue. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War by French troops.

In 1826, a group of Jura patriots took an oath there to free their country from the Bernese yoke to form a new canton, which was the case in 1978.

Visit of the ramparts, guard towers, an exceptional vaulted cellar whose dimensions make it unique in Alsace. An access path allows you to go around the castle.

A guidebook entitled "Discovering the Three castles of the Alsatian Jura" presents the castle and offers a walking tour around the castle.

  • The Sundgau Nature House - ALTENACH

    The Sundgau Nature House - ALTENACH

The Maison de la Nature discovery trail will make you discover educational facilities, small games, signs on the organic garden, the scent spiral, the pond, the beehive ... A booklet allows you to follow the entire route! Free plastic copies are available at the entrance. Please drop them back at the end of your ride. You can also take one home by asking for it at reception!
Terminus, everyone get off! Climb aboard the trains that made the legend! Here you are at the Cité du Train, the largest railway museum in Europe. Embark on the world of exceptional locomotives and wagons, seize the important moments in the history of the railways! A universe that will transport you through the ages!
The green space of 35 ares located along the old ramparts of the city, behind the town hall, had remained in a state of wasteland for thirty years. It gives way to an English garden called "Les Jardins des Remparts".
  • Luppachhof Farm

    Luppachhof Farm

  • Hiking with donkeys

    Hiking with donkeys

The La Clé des Champs association offers activities and educational support to schools and families in a "life-size" farm suitable for hospitality.

Located in Bouxwiller, this associative educational farm, reception, entertainment and sales, can be visited with family or groups. The quality animations are offered by professionals.

Free visit during the week Monday to Friday, 15 p.m. to 30 p.m., independent visits, without animation or leader (excluding weekends and public holidays). Come discover the farm animals and enjoy a bucolic, welcoming and diverse site. Entrance: 1 €

 Annual membership per family: € 5

Proposed activities 

all year round, by reservation:

  • randonner with a donkey with family for the day 50€ or half day 30 €
  • Birthday at the farm Wednesday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. 150 € 
  • Investigation on the farm: Go with your family to investigate the animals to discover the author of the theft of Ms. Hen's golden eggs, possible activity Monday to Friday at 15 p.m. (approximately 30 hour) 5 € snack included

at each school holiday, by reservation:

  • themed family workshops: milking goats, making bread, feeding animals ... 


Associative shop from February to November between 15 p.m. and 30 p.m. Monday to Friday:

This space offers you within the associative shop: products resulting from the activities of the association (eggs, vegetables, fruits, syrups, jams, apple juice, various objects made by our volunteers), local productions, souvenirs, ... as well as '' a small refreshment bar


Bouxwiller Haut Rhin
  • Cave of the Dwarfs of FERRETTE

    Cave of the Dwarfs of FERRETTE

  • Cave of the Dwarfs of FERRETTE

    Cave of the Dwarfs of FERRETTE

The Dwarven Cave is above all a place of legend where can be practiced climbing.

The rocks of the Cave of the Dwarves form an impressive gorge about 25 meters high called Erdwibalaschlucht (the parade of the little women of the earth) and formed by the working of water in the karst limestone. According to legend, these little women of the earth lived with the Erdmanala (little men of the earth) inside the Cave of the Dwarves. Located at the bottom of the gorge, the cave takes on the appearance of a slit that opens in the rock wall and continues through two guts, all developed over about fifteen meters.

Above the gorge, you can access the Plateau des Nains. From there, we have a beautiful view of the Ill valley and the villages of Bouxwiller, Werentzhouse. The place also bears the name of Erdwibalafelsen (Roche aux Fées).

2 possible accesses:
- park in the parking lot of the Communauté de Communes in Ferrette (3A route de Lucelle) and take the red diamond path along the road towards Sondersdorf. Allow 30 to 35 minutes to access the cave (1,8km).

- park in the Keucht car park located in the forest. Take the direction of Sondersdorf and, a little before leaving the village, take the forest path on your left indicated by a wooden sign "Sentier des Nains". Continue to the car park located a few hundred meters further on. From the car park, count 15-20min walk on a beautiful path accessible by 4X4 stroller.

  • Charles de Reinach Park

    Charles de Reinach Park

  • Hirtzbach Castle

    Hirtzbach Castle

To the right of the castle of Hirtzbach, Charles de Reinach had arranged, in the 19th century, an English garden, populated with beeches, ash trees, pines and other rarer trees under our skies including a pedunculate oak registered in the supplementary inventory historical monuments. A stream and three ponds where swans and ducks frolic give it a pleasant note of freshness.

Open to the public, the complex houses several buildings including, to the left of the entrance, the last Sundgau ice house, where ice was stored cut from the frozen surface of the ponds.

Opposite the entrance to the park, on the islet called Sainte-Hélène, there is a chalet, the stake, which serves as a wood reserve. Beyond the icebox, another chalet, to the right of the driveway, was used for drying the boards, while the one copied from a model in the canton of Lucerne, at the end of the road, allowed the recovery to be stored.


The Courtavon lake is a pleasant place, at the foot of the Alsatian Jura, which extends over nearly 29 ha, including 17 ha allocated to No kill fishing.
It is managed by an Intercommunal Union of fourteen villages for its leisure zone part and by the fishing federation 68 for the fishing activity. 

Fishing is only open via a weekly or annual fishing license (pace of day pass).

For more information or to acquire a fishing license, contact the Haut-Rhin Fishing Federation on 03 89 60 64 74 or on via the site 

This body of water ist accessible to all holders of a fishing card an AAPPMA du Haut-Rhin, and all bodies of water are in reciprocity URNE (excluding day pass).

The fishing of night carp is authorized all year round with an impressive density of carp. The body of water has very beautiful specimens of common and mirror. Fishing in craft non-motorized et en float tube is authorized with respect for other fishermen and users, facilitating prospecting of seagrass areas, shallows, etc.

For a respectful practice and the well-being of the fish, internal regulations governs the fishing conditions consultable here

Many activities are offered during the summer season: 
- Fishing via a weekly or annual fishing card. 
- Walks in a peaceful setting: around the lake in 30 minutes for 2 km and two other walking circuits of 5 and 4,8 km marked out by the Vosges club.
- Paddleboarding on part of the water, 
- Simply have a meal or an ice cream at the Deux Barges restaurant and its beautiful terrace overlooking the lake. 

The site is accessible to people with reduced mobility. A large car park is located at the front of the lake. Access is free throughout the year. 



The Maison de la Nature du Sundgau, built by the Communauté des Communes de la Porte d'Alsace, offers nature discovery activities for all audiences.

Animations to live:

All year round, the Maison de la Nature du Sundgau offers activities for young people and the general public:

  • She supports teachers in their educational project on nature,
  • It organizes courses or camps with "nature" activities for young people during the holidays,
  • It also offers the general public a program of guided outings to discover the natural heritage of Sundgau, practical ecology workshops, festive events, etc. 

What about summer?

The MNS offers guided outings to discover the Sundgauvian natural heritage, original evenings or fun workshops for families (program available on the website). For those who prefer to walk the Sundgau paths in complete autonomy, it also distributes guides for walks from Altenach.

The most curious will also take the time to browse, on the Altenach site, our discovery trail, the small geology gallery "the key to the soil" and they can spend a few moments in the Strange Grange, to meet a very particular universe ...

About twenty minutes from Saint-Louis, the Basel toy museum brings together nearly 6000 objects: teddy bears, dolls, groceries for children, dolls' houses and rides. The toy museum has the largest collection of teddy bears in the world with 2500 pieces, the oldest of which dates back to 1904! Restaurant and souvenir shop on site.

One of the largest firefighter museums in France.

It takes over, completes, modernizes and above all presents in its own premises the prestigious collection which constituted the Mulhouse firefighter museum and which was presented as part of the Railway museum in Mulhouse from 1978 to 2003.
Two halls (1100 and 1200 m2), showcases, an audio-visual room, a shop, a library ... Machines on wheels, a hundred equipment (equipment, clothing, unusual objects ...), a central full telephone, public fire alarms ...


The museum tells the story of a fascinating adventure, that of electricity. It begins in Antiquity, crosses the centuries with many experiments, discoveries, theories and inventions… until today when everything is electric! Take part in the experiments as they were performed in the XXth century and observe strange phenomena, to make your hair stand on end! Let yourself be seduced by the new multimedia show of "the big machine", the flagship of Mulhouse industrial history. In the new space "An electric future", enter a new era to discover the links between electricity, climate and the new lifestyles of the XNUMXst century. Especially for children: games, experiments, videos to understand how a battery, a light bulb, a motor work, to find out what happens when the current flows ...
  • National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse Alsace

    National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse Alsace

  • National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse Alsace

    National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse Alsace

A prestigious internationally recognized museum with one of the finest collections in the world, the Automobile Museum presents some 430 exceptional vehicles from 97 different brands, including 150 Bugatti.
The museum is housed in a former 19th century woolen mill bought by the Schlumpf Brothers and transformed into a showcase for their fabulous collection.
You can stroll through 3 spaces: the Automobile Adventure (which brings together the "ancestors" and the "classics"), the Automobile Race area (where you will see exceptional sports models from the beginnings of automobile racing to the present day) and the Automobile Masterpieces area (with some of the most prestigious models in the world, including 2 Bugatti Royales).
During your visit, you can also take advantage of the animations, videos, simulators, playgrounds or even an experience of driving vintage cars on the racetrack… a must!
15 minutes by bus (line 604, "Schifflände" stop), then correspondence with tram line 15 "Wettsteinplatz" stop, from Saint-Louis "Central crossroads. Located directly on the Rhine, the Tinguely Museum in Basel, designed by the ticinese architect Mario Botta houses the largest collection of works by Jean Tinguely (1925-1991), one of the most innovative and important Swiss artists of the XXth century.
The permanent exhibition offers an overview of his work over four decades. Temporary exhibitions regularly present a wide range of artists and subjects including not only Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, flagship artists for Tinguely, his contemporary colleagues like Arman, Niki de Saint Phalle, Yves Klein but also both artists of 'today based on Tinguely's ideas.
Located a few minutes from the city center, the Zoological and Botanical Park covers 25 ha and welcomes in an exceptional natural setting more than 1200 animals of 170 different species and 3500 species and variety of plants. It is a real place to walk and observe the flora and fauna. The Park holds the national label "Remarkable Garden" thanks to the richness of its botanical collections. Colors and scents are displayed in these gardens, changing with the seasons. The Zoological and Botanical Park is also committed to the preservation of biodiversity and has participated for more than 30 years in the safeguarding of endangered animal and plant species, within the framework of international programs.
Configuration: flat and in the forest. Length: 1,5 km. Number of obstacles: 21. Can be done by adults and children. Access by the Hirsingue path, the shooting range path.
Originally, the street art route was created at the request of the city's cultural service as part of the 15th anniversary of the International Film Festival. Les Graffisseurs, a group of around forty artists, has produced around twenty frescoes on the walls of the city. A real explosion of creativity and freedom of expression!

Today, 13 works are still visible, some of which were recently completed. From the immense samurai of Stew in the center of Altkirch to the granddaughter of Seth who opens her door to us in the Saint-Morand district, curious and lovers of this urban art are invited to discover or rediscover the city through this circuit of frescoes and graffiti created by local, regional and international artists.

Consult the Altkirch tourist guide (page 36) to view the route. 

This guide is also available in paper format in our offices, do not hesitate to ask us!
This high-level sports complex (60m by 30m) offers users all the sliding activities: public skating sessions with musical entertainment, theme evenings and light show; a secure ice area for children every Sunday at sea; an ice school of more than 200 members, supervised by a qualified instructor; various entertainment shows and galas and a bar with a meeting room; birthdays are also organized. The rink can accommodate 1500 spectators.
  • Ferrette swimming pool

    Ferrette swimming pool

  • Ferrette swimming pool

    Ferrette swimming pool

Completely renovated in 2018, the new Ferrette swimming pool has a retractable roof in summer, a 25m sports pool, a paddling pool, a fun pool (counter-current, water jets, bubble bench …), Large green spaces. A "Well-Being" area is also accessible with sauna, hammam.

  • Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

    Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

  • Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

    Les Rives de l'Ill swimming pool

25-meter 5-line pool, learning pool and relaxation area (sauna, hammam, spa). Swimming courses and lessons, aquagym, aquabike, baby swimmers. 

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

  • City of Ferrette

    City of Ferrette

Discover the game of the legend of the Dwarfs of Ferrette in the mobile application "On the Treasure Trail of Alsace"! Free, available on iPhone and Android, this fun application lists many tourist and recreational routes in the four corners of Alsace.

With the game of the legend of the Dwarves of Ferrette, find your way thanks to the indications given over the stages, answer questions, reconstruct important pieces on the screen of your smartphone ... To unearth treasures and perhaps, get a reward at the end of the game! Discover this small medieval town nestled in the first foothills of the Alsatian Jura ... This town with a prestigious past will charm you with its narrow and romantic paths which lead to the haughty ruins of the Château de Ferrette and the famous Grotte des Dains!

To download the application, go to the Appstore or the Play Store!

It's your turn !


Google Play store:


Petanque ground, chess table, ping-pong table, and mini fitness trail with 6 warm-up panels. 

The fitness platform comprising 12 pieces of equipment offers 170 exercises, each piece of equipment can be connected to its smartphone.

Vélo rail Sud Alsace: an unusual and fun activity in the foothills of the Vosges mountains. As a family, as a couple, with friends, get on this original vehicle that only moves forward with the enthusiasm you put into pedaling. Breath of fresh air, charm of the Alsatian landscape, this attractive walk of around 1h30 satisfies visitors looking for an atypical outing in the heart of nature. Departing from the newly renovated annex of Aspach station, the 9.6km route is a link between two beautiful valleys: the Thur and the Doller. It extends from the gravel pits of Cernay to the two bridges overhanging the Doller at Burnhaupt-le-Haut. It does not involve any difficulty even for non-seasoned athletes. It will be necessary to remain attentive because all along the course of the animals could observe you!
About twenty minutes by TER Alsace from Saint-Louis station. The Basel Zoo, one of the most popular excursions, is definitely worth a visit.
In summer, the park invites you to stroll outdoors and in winter you can observe the animals up close in their respective buildings. Those who are interested in the seabed will discover in the vivarium many maritime species.
One of the highlights of the zoo is undoubtedly the recently built "Gamgoas" lion enclosure and the recently opened monkey house.

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